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04 Oct 2022

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Sticky Notes Windows 10 – How to Get Started With Windows 10 Sticky Notes: Tips and Tricks
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Sticky Notes Windows 10 – How to Get Started With Windows 10 Sticky Notes: Tips and Tricks

What is Sticky Notes Windows 10?

  • We will talk about the Sticky Notes application in Windows 10, which allows you to create sticky notes on your PC as if you were sticking a post-it on your desktop.
  • The appearance of these notes is precisely that of a post-it that you open and on which you write to write down what you need at any time.
  • Although you have applications open to keep the notes onscreen, and these are simple and without too many options.
  • It is a fast and very light alternative to more complete and complex programs like OneNote.

What Sticky Notes are and are not?

  • Sticky Notes is one of the native applications developed by Microsoft for Windows 10, and it usually comes pre-installed in the operating system.
  • Its mission is to offer the possibility of creating small notes that remain on the desktop always visible and quickly and easily.
  • It is an actual application, and it does not have editing options for what you write.
  • For example, you can neither change the font size nor the font type, so it looks more like a notepad than other applications.
  • It is like always having several pages of the notebook spread out on the desktop in specific positions that you will see whenever you go to the desktop.
  • Being so simple, they do not have the possibilities of other apps like OneNote.
  • Since you cannot create notes with complex formats or significant texts, nor can you synchronize them between several devices.
  • It’s just like putting post-its stuck to the computer screen; only in this case, they stay on the desktop.
  • If you need something more advanced, then you will have to go to another application.
  • The most significant advantage of such a basic application is that its loading time is minuscule.
  • And also, you don’t have to navigate through menus.
  • Everything is immediate; you open Sticky Notes and start writing the notes with the reminders.

How to use Sticky Notes?

  • Firstly, you have to do is launch the application.
  • To do this, open the start menu and type Sticky Notes to bring up the application.
  • Then you have to click on it to start using it.
  • Do not expect an extensive application full of menus since the first post-it will appear.
  • As you may sometimes not remember the specific name of the app, you can also write terms as notes to search for it.
  • By default, Windows 10 can show you the notepad as a suggested app, but among the other suggestions in the start menu, Sticky Notes will also appear.
  • Once you start them, you can start writing what you want in them.
  • You will immediately see what we have told you before, that these notes do not have text format or different sizes for the letters.
  • The only customization you can make is to manipulate the size of the post-its with the mouse, stretching or shrinking from the edges of each one.
  • Once you write what you want, you can press the + button in the upper left corner to add another note that can appear right next to it.

Other Method

  • You can also press Control + N to create fresh and new notes without clicking anywhere.
  • When you create a new post-it, it will be a clone of which you have clicked to create a new one.
  • If you have several post-its of sizes and colors when you press the + of one of them.
  • A new one will appear with the same size and color, so be careful to clone precisely the one you want.
  • When you select them, you will see three icons appear on the top bar.
  • Firstly, you can create a new post-it with the shape of the asset; we have explained it to you.
  • But on the right side of the bar, you will see two more icons.
  • One of them is to delete the note, which has a trash can icon.
  • With this option, you can erase each post-it one by one to keep them organized only with the topics of interest.

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