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04 Oct 2022

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Best Google apps – Eight Little-Known Google Apps That Are Very Helpful

Best Google apps – Eight Little-Known Google Apps That Are Very Helpful

What are the Best Google apps?

  • We all know that Google has a ton of Best Google apps.
  • The ones we know many times come pre-installed and that is precisely great.
  • Why we know them and use them every day: Photos, Maps, Gmail … Some of them are even fully integrated into the system such as the contact list or the phone app.
  • In addition to all those apps known and used by everyone, Google uploads many other applications on Google Play that go unnoticed by most users.
  • Some of them are for very specific solutions such as language keyboards, but by investigating we can find very useful tools.
  • We show you the best and unknown applications for Android made by Google.

Best Google Apps

  • Launched in beta in summer under the name Triangle, Datally allows us to manage mobile data consumption on our Android.
  • Yes, there are many such apps on Google Play, but this tool fulfills its purpose very well and helps us from the first moment to reduce the megabytes we use.
  • Once we give the appropriate permissions to the app, it will monitor everything in detail and tell us where we can cut megabytes.
  • It also has a list of open WiFi connections, which are not necessarily secure, to which we can connect in case of emergency.
  • Of the apps that Google has recently launched for Android, it is one of the most useful.
  • Straightforward and with a clear purpose to help all types of users, regardless of the level of knowledge. We have already discussed it in detail.

Find my device

  • Many manufacturers incorporate this function as standard in their Android.
  • If you don’t have it and want to use it, Google offers us an application that will allow us to track our device if lost or stolen.
  • It must be installed and configured previously.
  • From any computer, we can enter with our associated Google account and locate where it is on the map.
  • We also have the option of sending you a message or blocking you from accessing our information.


  • Over time, we accumulate useless files on our mobile or tablet: photos of WhatsApp groups, temporary download files
  • Little by little, they consume memory to the point of becoming a problem if we have few gigs of storage.
  • We also have difficulty locating these ” excess ” files that are not easy to identify.
  • With Files, Google offers us an assistant that reads the memory of the mobile and finds all the digital crap that we are not using.


  • Digitizing old photos is a somewhat tedious process. Yes, we can take a photo directly with a digital camera, or even with our mobile phone.
  • Still, we have to make sure that it well and the angle is correct so that it is the closest thing to a scan and not to a photo, badly taken, from another image.

Photo scan

  • It helps us turn a mobile camera into a photographic scanner.
  • With a help system based on reference points, we can digitize analog photos very quickly.
  • We move the camera where the app guides us, and photo scan takes care of the rest.
  • I have tried it on more than one occasion for specific images, and I must admit that the result is excellent.

A tip

  • When you go to do the scan, do it in good light conditions to better the products.

Google Trips

  • For a few years, I have been using my mobile to plan the trips I take.
  • With Google Maps, I create routes and point out specific points with different icons and colors so that, before leaving, I can save the map offline and consult it at any time.
  • Google Trips goes a bit beyond this process, which is sometimes very artisan and helps us with different places to see and places to visit wherever we go.
  • It is a more guided process, and if we do not want to complicate ourselves, it makes good routes and recommendations.
  • My suggestion is that you use it as a starting point and from there you make changes
  • The plans it does are a bit closed and not everyone has the same tastes and preferences when traveling and visiting places.


  • Every Android comes with a collection of wallpapers by default, some prettier than others.
  • Android also has its own and also its application to download them. Its name is as bland as it is functional
  • With this app, we can download all kinds of images and backgrounds for our mobile or tablet.
  • If we like to personalize, the range of options it offers is wide and varied.
  • It is not my favorite, I am a big fan of Backdrops, but it does the job. Also find more helpful resources at techqueer

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Review Best Google apps – Eight Little-Known Google Apps That Are Very Helpful.

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