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26 Nov 2022

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WWENetwork – Development, WWE Network Exclusive U.S. Streaming, and Analysis

WWENetwork – Development, WWE Network Exclusive U.S. Streaming, and Analysis

What is WWE Network?

  • WWENetwork is an American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top and best streaming service and digital television network by WWE.
  • It primarily distributes original and professional wrestling events, films, television and documentary series.
  • A 24-hour linear channel produced by the eponymous wrestling promotion alongside acquires programming from other wrestling promotions.

Development and the United States launch?

  • Firstly, the origins of the WWENetwork can trace back to 2000 when USA Network filed.
  • A lawsuit against the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now known as the WWE) due to a breach of contract.
  • It saw most of its programming moving to Viacom-owned TNN and MTV.
  • Secondly, the Delaware Chancery Court ruled in favour of the WWF in June 2000.
  • Then the present CEO Linda McMahon revealed that WWF wanted its cable network and testified that WWF signed before has a rights deal with Viacom.
  • The company floats the idea of acquiring USA’s Sci-Fi Channel and reformatting it as a dedicated wrestling network.
  • However, USA executives rejected this idea, and McMahon said that former USA Networks President Barry Baker encourages her to talk to programmers about potential deals.
  • “I can tell you right now, Linda, you are not going to get anybody to give you a network,” McMahon testified.
  • In 2005, USA Network re-acquires all the rights to all WWE programming.
  • WWE Network relies on technology developed by MLB Advanced Media and BAMTech before Endeavor Streaming assumes technical operations of the service in 2019.
  • Although operating primarily as a different standalone service.

WWENetwork Model

  • The distribution model of the WWENetwork varies by market, where it integrates within or as part of local networks.
  • Also, it contains a premium and a free tier.
  • WWE Network is an online streaming service where you can watch all WWE pay, per-view at no additional cost, plus hours of on-demand content.
  • All programming is available wherever you want to watch it – including T.V.s, game consoles, phones, tablets, and computers.
  • WWE and BAMTech remain tagging team partners up until this year when WWE decided it would move away from BAMTech.
  • Also, after Disney brought on the streaming experts that had helped usher sports leagues.
  • It is including Major League Baseball (where BAMTech starts), the PGA, and the NHL in the mobile streaming era.
  • Aside from counting HBO and Hulu among its partners, BAMTech also assisted with developing services like Sony’s PlayStation and more.
  • But Disney’s reason for getting and buying the company was apparent.
  • It wanted to advance its streaming destiny and build an irresistible Netflix rival.

More about WWENetwork

  • WWE knows the writing was on the wall and had its reasons for turning elsewhere.
  • Also, as co-president George Barrios told us in a recent interview, WWE wanted greater control over and ownership of the Network’s technology stack.
  • I can’t speak for what they are thinking.
  • From our perspective, we make the decision unilaterally.
  • They may have that way as well.
  • But our perspective, once Disney came in and paid the price they paid for BAMTech, we didn’t think they would be a long-term player in the third-party services business.
  • I didn’t know one way or another, so that was us making the call.
  • And that’s when we are deciding that it made sense for us to pivot.”

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