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04 Dec 2022

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Total Gaming – Total Gaming vs TSG Jash: Who has better Free Fire stats in 2021?

Total Gaming – Total Gaming vs TSG Jash: Who has better Free Fire stats in 2021?

Total Gaming on the current Indian mobile

  • Making it big as a growing Indian YouTuber is no cup of tea and for “Ajjubhai94” of Total Gaming.
  • The grind to create an entire game community of his own from scratch has been a path laid with many hurdles.
  • In the present day, he is hailed as the most successful Free Fire content creator and regarded as one of the most entertaining YouTubers in the nation.
  • In an exclusive conversation, Ajjubhai opens up about his struggles on his road to success in 2021.
  • And also, how his community helps him grow into one of the most influential figures in the Indian video game industry.

Can you please tell our readers and viewers about yourself, who you were?

  • What your daily life was before being hailed as Ajjubhai, one of the most influential, happening, and successful content creators in Free Fire?
  • Ajjubhai says that I never started gaming with the thought or roadmap that I wanted to be a gamer one day.
  • It all began when I started watching videos of renowned Indian gamers while being at work.
  • Thanks to the WiFi and high-speed internet there and slowly begin linking to it and started playing.
  • I can see many gamers playing PUBG on mobile, but I couldn’t own a phone with limited space.
  • When I discovered Free Fire, which can easily play on my phone, it became the first game I ever played.
  • Yes, the very first! I did not even play any other games before it, not even the ones on mobile.

Talk to us about your Ajjubhai persona and how you envisioned and brought to life the Total Gaming YouTube channel?

  • He says that Total Gaming was started with a vision to play along with the gaming community. He is having no friends of similar interests.
  • I want to live stream while playing the game and interacting with people.
  • Starting with 4-5 views per live session, I now witness a vast community whenever I go live.
  • I am proud to build an entertaining gaming community that still supports me as they were during my initial days.
  • Have you started Total Gaming in 2018, and a short span of just over two years.
  • You were able to amass more than 20 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.5 million loyal fans on Instagram.
  • Was this unexpected exponential growth and popularity for both the channel and the Ajjubhai.

What persona as something you expected?

  • He says, no, I did not expect to grow this big.
  • I played and created gaming content to entertain people and realized that I had grown to be one of the most significant gamers only when I reached 8M subscribers on YouTube.

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