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29 Sep 2022

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TV Video Game – Top TV Video Games Online for Free, Reviews, and More

TV Video Game – Top TV Video Games Online for Free, Reviews, and More

What is TV Video Game?

  • Unlike our lists with games for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, we have the Best TV Video Game.
  • It is one we are not going to focus only on TV Video Game, but we will propose both free games (most with micropayments and advertising) and other paid games with you get a complete experience.
  • You can find all kinds of games in the list, from platforms to driving titles and from some survival horror with zombies to other more casual or directly board games.
  • We have arranged the names in alphabetical order instead of making any preference list.
  • As we always say in Basics, if you think there should be one on the list, don’t forget to mention it in the comments.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

  • One of the best-acclaimed racing games of recent years on Android also has a downloadable version on Android TV.
  • There is a ninth installment of the Asphalt saga, but we include the eighth as a representative as it is not yet available for Android TV.
  • It can be played with the remote control of your Android TV device, although the experience is best by using a Bluetooth controller for better control.
  • The graphics are good, and the speed is frantic, and if it works well on mobile, it will certainly do so on the big screen.
  • Price: Free


  • Trendy games for those who like those who make them think and test their reflexes. It has minimal graphics but still looks good on the TV.
  • You can play it both with a Bluetooth remote control and with the remote control of your Android TV.
  • So it works both as a casual game and another that you will spend more hours.
  • As for the game, it is like a mixture of Flappy Bird in that you have to press to make it fly with Lemmings.
  • Your mission is to reach the ending of the screen with your character jumping obstacles or colliding with walls and barriers.
  • During the journey, you can multiply, and with the challenges, you will lose characters, so you have to try to have some left.
  • Price: Free

Beach Buggy Racing

  • It is a fireproof classic in driving games.
  • Also, it is a casual game without overly realistic physics, and that puts fun above all else.
  • It is Mario Kart type, which means that you can collect power-ups along the way to gain momentary powers, weapons, or defenses.
  • Price: Free

Bridge Constructor Portal

  • It shows a mix between bridge-building games and the Portal saga.
  • The mechanics are simple: building a bridge so that it reaches from one end of the cliff to the other without collapsing in the middle.
  • But the theme, characters, and obstacles are Portal.
  • The game has 60 levels that you can go through and a great sense of humor.
  • And you will have to use portals, a leap of faith plates, propulsion gels.
    Also, many other tools to finish your bridges successfully avoid sentry turrets, fields, laser, and acid.
  • Price: 5.49 euros


  • You will enjoy a game better if you connect peripherals to your Android TV, the best of which is a keyboard to get the most out of it.
  • But you can also even connect several control knobs to the device.
  • Your mission will be simple, to eliminate all the rival characters by punching them, making them fall off the platforms, or throwing bombs at them.
  • It has several game modes, from single-player to cooperative or multiplayer, and the best way to play it is with spades with your friends on the same television.
  • It is on minigames, ranging from bomb hockey to slow-motion deathmatch to classics like Capture the Flag.
  • Price: Free


  • Crashlands puts us in the role of a space trucker who has just landed on an unknown planet.
  • Our first objective is to create a small shelter with objects that we collect around us, and once we have settled.
  • We will have to start exploring around us to get more materials and find creatures of all kinds: some will help us, and many others will try to kill us.
  • In survival games, inventory is usually one of our first limitations.
  • In Crashlands, this does not happen since our trunk is unlimited, so we can carry all the objects we need on top without juggling or discarding things to make room.
  • Price: 7.49 euros

Crossy road

  • If Asphalt was a game with excellent graphics, Crossy Road is just the opposite.
  • Its pictures are deliberately poor with a boxy look and large pixel designs, but this intends to give it a more vintage feel and showcase its simplicity.
  • And the game is simple, and all you have to do is crossroads avoiding cars.
  • It is the classic of crossing with the frog of all life, but with infinite advance to see how long you last.
  • Its ease of use and being able to be used with the control of your Android TV is a great incentive to start having fun right away.
  • And also, the hundreds of characters that you can unlock, some of which modify the screen, is another.
  • Price: Free

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Review TV Video Game – Top TV Video Games Online for Free, Reviews, and More.

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