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02 Dec 2022

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Top 6 Popular Features of Enterprise Search Solutions
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Top 6 Popular Features of Enterprise Search Solutions

Top 6 Popular Features of Enterprise Search Solutions – An enterprise search solution is a helpful tool for organizations of all sizes because it streamlines processes and cuts down on wasted time.

Companies of all sizes use enterprise search tools like OpenSearch to help users find the right information faster. With an enterprise search solution, employees can locate documents, emails, contacts, and other internal resources more quickly than they could when using an unassisted search process.

It can be especially beneficial when your company has multiple locations, employees who work from home or remote offices, or if your team accesses sensitive data regularly. If you’re trying to determine if an enterprise search solution is right for your company, read through our list of common features in these solutions below.

1. Alerting and Notification Features

An enterprise search solution can also be used to send alerts and notifications when certain keywords or phrases are entered. This can be especially helpful when your team members search for content about a sensitive topic or use specific terminology related to an ongoing project.

Alerts are also helpful when you’re looking for data that’s no longer active in your system. For example, if you use enterprise search to search for contacts that have left the company, you can set up alerts when specific keywords are entered.

2. Rich Content Discovery

One of the most beneficial aspects of an enterprise search solution like OpenSearch is its ability to provide rich content discovery. This means that the solution will be able to analyze the content within the repository and determine which pieces of content are most relevant for your search.

3. Unified Search and Discovery Platform

An enterprise search solution can combine all of your company’s internal resources and content onto one centralized platform. This way, you’ll be able to search not only internal content but also third-party resources that are hosted outside of your network.

Some third-party data sources can be integrated with your enterprise search solution, while others will require an application programming interface (API) key or configuration to connect.

4. Advanced Search Capabilities

If you’re searching for specific content in an enterprise search solution, you’ll likely notice that you can select from multiple search options. These search types allow you to narrow your search by date, authors, categories and other factors, so you’re only brought relevant results.

5. Keyword-based Discovery

If you’re looking to discover content based on a specific keyword, an enterprise search solution can help. Using this type of search will allow you to view all of the content tagged with your keyword, as well as content that may be related to it.

This can be especially helpful if you’re trying to discover information buried deep within your organization.

6. Continuous Improvement With Machine Learning

If you’ve ever used a search engine, you’ve likely noticed that certain results change over time. While this is due to natural algorithms that shift search results based on previous searches, it can be frustrating when you are continually redirected to seemingly random web pages.

Enterprise search solutions like OpenSearch are designed with artificial intelligence (AI) to adapt to user searches and preferences over time. The more you search, the more the AI will learn about your preferences and tailor the results to your needs.

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, enterprise search solutions are beneficial for companies of all sizes, especially if your employees need to access sensitive information or are located in multiple offices. That said, when choosing an enterprise search solution, it’s important to consider the benefits a solution can provide to your company and the costs associated with each solution.

Review Top 6 Popular Features of Enterprise Search Solutions.

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