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26 Nov 2022

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How To Be A Better Leader – First Time Team Leader 101
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How To Be A Better Leader – First Time Team Leader 101

After months of hard work, determination, and late nights, you finally have the promotion. A raise, and most importantly, a team under you.

You have the skills to get the job done because you have been doing it efficiently for the past few months. That is what got you here. However, are you sure that you essentially have the skills for leading a team?

If this is your first time, then don’t worry because contrary to popular beliefs, leaders are not born; they are made.

You do not have to restrict yourself under some strict protocol. However, there are skill sets that you can hone to ensure that you are a better leader for the team that counts on you

It is fun, but we all know, ‘Uneasy lies the head who wears the crown.’ Therefore, prepare yourself for the hardships as well.

Here Is To Being A Better Leader

Here is how you can be a better leader. If you work towards handling your team as well, and not just your own task, these below-mentioned skills will come out naturally.

You can read ‘Leaders Are Made Not Born’ by Micheal J Farlow to get a boost of motivation. If you do not get the book in your nearby stores, then go look for them in your nearby bookstore, then click here to download it for free.

1. You Wouldn’t Be Here Forever

It is natural to stand tall in your achievement, but do not let ‘power get to your head. You won’t be here forever, and these people won’t be following you forever. What you need to be is a leader who creates leaders.

Don’t just teach them how to get their job done; teach them managerial tasks, and mentor them to be better leaders than you.

2. You Have To Encourage Others

Always remember that they will consider being a nine and a half their personal best. They are yet to see their own potential; it is your job to do that. Encourage your teammates to strive for more and reach new limits every day

Remind them that their personal best today should be their starting point tomorrow. Do not pressure them too much; it is your duty to prevent burnout for your teammates.

3. Be Accountable For Your Team

From today onwards, any mistake they make, you will be accountable for it. This does not mean you will be too lenient towards them. Teach them to acknowledge and work on their mistakes.

However, cover your team’s flaws in front of others. Your venting days to your favorite coworker are over, leader! They are all your responsibility now.

4. Listen & Communicate Better

A good leader not only gives instructions but also listens to the ideas given by the teammates. Plus, they have excellent communication skills, which not only articulate the work better but maintain peace and harmony among the teammates.

You have to conduct meetings clarifying everything, and whenever there is an issue, you need to address it immediately.

5. You Are A Role Model

There are individuals who are looking at you as a role model. Don’t be prone to mistakes, and choose the right path since your teammates will be taking your lead from now on.

Other than work ethics, honing important moral ethics is also important for a team leader.

6. Recognize Their Hard Work

You cannot keep encouraging them to do more without acknowledging what they have already done. Recognize their work, and if needed, reward them.

This acts as excellent motivation whenever they want to test their hidden potential.

7. Encourage Creative Work

Do not restrict them within a strict grid. This will not only induce monotony of the worst kind but affect their productivity as well. Sometimes let them stray from the regular and do something unique with their creative mind.

You will find some real gems hidden in your own team.

Be There For Them!

Whenever they are facing a problem, whether it is work-related or personal, be amicable enough for them to approach you.

This will help you create a bond with your teammates and encourage trust. Be there for them in need, and you are already an excellent leader.

Review How To Be A Better Leader – First Time Team Leader 101.

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