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04 Dec 2022

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4 Great Gadget Gifts for Guys
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4 Great Gadget Gifts for Guys

Great Gadget Gifts for Guys – Have you been trying to select a gift for a male friend, family member, or coworker? If so, why not make holiday season easy and hassle-free by opting for the one category that is guaranteed to be a winner every time: gadgets. The beauty of this consumer retail segment is that you can go high-tech or low, pricey, or inexpensive, or simply purchase a gift certificate from a beloved merchant.

Another advantage of this strategy is that there’s an endless stream of new stuff available every year, and late 2021 is no exception. Even before the celebratory season is underway, several of the hottest choices in online and big box stores include pandemic-friendly tools, vaping accessories, beer making kits, and multi-functional watches. Here are more details about the top four items for the end of the year gift giving months.

Touch-Free Tools

The COVID pandemic has affected everything, including our willingness to use our hands and fingers to touch things like ATM buttons, doorknobs, public computer keypads, and more. You are probably already familiar with kinetic gadgets that can be touchless, that you use for fun. But imaginative retailers have taken the now commonplace fear of infection, and turned it into a useful product. That’s how a vast category of no-touch, or touch-free tools came into being. The most popular are key sized metal tools that serve as substitute fingers and thumbs. For just a few dollars, anyone can buy one of the oddly shaped devices that can be used to open doors, operate an ATM, use the touch screen in a fast-food restaurant, or make a device supported payment at a retail counter.

High-Quality Vaporizers

Vaporizers have come a long way in the last several years, with quality and selection rising considerably, and costs coming down for even the top selling products in the niche. That means if you have a friend or relative who values the usefulness of an excellent vaporizer, you won’t have to shop for hours or spend a lot of money. In fact, you can review a huge collection of the very best vaporizers, all with price tags under $100, that are listed for online purchase. In today’s market, you need not be wary of crossing below the $100 point because, with the latest generation of devices, they last a long time, they do not feel cheap, and they look great.

Beer Making Kits

DIY brew, as a consumer niche all its own, took off more than a decade ago. But kits were large, pricey, and only for those who had the time and patience to follow complex procedures for making their own beer at home. The modern iteration of the kits includes inexpensive, simplified ones that are actually fun to set up and use. For less than $50, you get all the equipment, tools, supplies, and instructions. All your recipient has to add is water and a thirst for adult beverages.

Multi-Function Watches

Apply the concept of the multi-functional pocketknife and apply it to the common wristwatch, and the result is one of the newest, cleverest watches to appear on the market in years. Multi-function timepieces are rugged, built for sporting events, and make ideal camping companions. They come with built-in flashlights, compasses, emergency alarms, and optional GPS capability.

Review 4 Great Gadget Gifts for Guys.

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