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26 Nov 2022

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GogoPDF’s Straightforward Process of Adding Watermark Online
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GogoPDF’s Straightforward Process of Adding Watermark Online

GogoPDF’s Straightforward Process of Adding Watermark Online : Uploading pdf files online is at risk of unauthorized use, distribution, and modification. With this risk as a significant concern, the creators or owners of pdfs must ensure that no one else will claim ownership over their document. Now, it becomes essential to add a watermark to various documents, including a pdf.

The next step is finding the perfect tool for doing this. GogoPDF has an Add Watermark tool that you can use for free. It is among the most efficient ways to protect your documents. Learn about this tool and save your valuable pdf files from risks on the web.

How Can You Use GogoPDF For Adding Watermark Online

GogoPDF is a highly reliable online platform that offers various tools to help you manage your files efficiently. The add watermark to pdf tool is one of them. Applying a watermark to your pdf is easy and quick with GogoPDF.

1. Type GogoPDF on your browser.

Visit the website by typing its name into your browser. With a secured and fast internet connection, the browser will instantly direct you to the site. Once on the page, search for the online tool you need. In this case, look for the Add Watermark tool. Click this tab.

2. Now, select and import your files from your computer.

Another option is to upload by dragging and dropping the pdf file into the add watermark toolbox. Please wait for the process to finish. It won’t take much time.

3. Begin the process of adding watermark to pdf

When the uploading process is complete, you can now start securing your pdf files. You can input any text or use an image for watermarking. Then, select from the option available as to where you want to set the watermark. You can choose from middle, base, top, or side positions.

When you have already decided where you prefer your watermark, click the “Add Watermark” button. Please wait for a few seconds until the process finishes.

4. Download Your Newly Modified PDF With Watermark

You can now download and make use of your file. You can either click the “Download” icon or the provided download interface. Please make sure that your internet connection is stable. The add watermark process, the same with other tools from GogoPDF, is dependent on the speed of your connection.

4 Key Features That GogoPDF Offers

1. Quick, Straightforward Process and High-Quality Results

GogoPDF makes adding watermarks easy for everyone. The website designed a simplified process for all its tools, including adding a watermark. The speedy process does not affect the quality of your edited file. You can be sure that GogoPDF produces the best results.

2. Sophisticated Security Feature

This website is equipped with the most recent encryption technology. Thus, ensuring that all your data is well secured after you upload your file to the system. The site deletes automatically and permanently all shared information from its cloud after an hour.

3. Ultimate Accessibility and Compatibility

GogoPDF supports all major operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Moreover, your device will never be a problem. It is compatible with your desktop, laptop, and even with your android phone. GogoPDF ensures access to your files anywhere and whenever.

4.Personalize Your Watermark

Among the notable features of GogoPDF is the add watermark tool. The add watermark tool allows you to personalize or customize your watermark. You can select an image or text that you want to use. Then, you can choose what shade, font style, and even edit the size of your watermark.

Check Out This Other Remarkable Tools

1.Merge PDF

Organizing and managing your files has never been this convenient. GogoPDF offers you the Merge PDF Tool. It enables you to combine or put together individual documents. This tool works with just a few clicks – a signature characteristic of GogoPDF, a swift and easy process.

2.Split PDF Tool

This online platform also helps you with splitting pdf files. The Split PDF is a very convenient tool for separating your documents. This one is an additional safe method being offered by GogoPDF.

3.Protect PDF

Aside from adding a watermark, applying a password to your file is another way to secure it. GogoPDF uses sophisticated technology for this process. All you have to do is upload your file to the website and follow the simple instructions. One thing is for sure you’ll have a newly password-protected file in less than a minute.

4.Convert PDF

One of the most used tools is the Convert PDF. This one comes in handy when you need to turn your pdf into an editable version. This one also helps you transform another file format to a pdf.


GogoPDF is an efficient and safe way to add watermarks to your files. Moreover, it presents quick and straightforward processes for each tool. You do not need to be tech-savvy to use this platform. Whether you need a pdf reader, converter, or editor, GogoPDF has your back!

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