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04 Oct 2022

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5 Common Problems You Can Avoid by Opting for Dedicated Hosting
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5 Common Problems You Can Avoid by Opting for Dedicated Hosting

5 Common Problems You Can Avoid by Opting for Dedicated Hosting : Utilizing dedicated hosting for your website can be highly advantageous. It allows you to sidestep five common problems that plague individuals who decide to choose an alternative option.

Avoiding these problems will likely make your online experience much more pleasant and hassle-free. Here’s a list of the challenges you can avoid by utilizing a dedicated server host.

1. Lack of Security

The more security you have when hosting your website online, the easier it will be to keep your site operating without any challenges. It can be a significant hassle to deal with cyber threats at the same time you’re working on your website and other activities.

Using a dedicated server host, like Liquid Web offers you top-notch security. Utilizing this option should give you greater confidence that your data is being protected from online intruders who want to make your life miserable.

2. Little To No Tech Support

Paying to have your server working 24/7 may require you to contact the hosting company if there’s a problem. Ensuring you have a reliable tech support team to contact if your site is down is essential—however, some companies lack this critical component when you utilize their services.

Choosing a hosting company with telephone and online support should provide you with peace of mind, knowing you have a professional to talk to when your site has technical problems. Here we can recommend Verpex for their excellent and responsive support team.

3. Paying for a Cheap Service

If you find a cheap service in this industry, it may not give you the quality you expect in a website hosting service. While you can save a little money by going this route, you will probably get what you pay for and be disappointed in the service if it doesn’t match your expectations.

It takes a dedicated, knowledgeable team of technicians to run this type of service correctly and effectively. Paying a little more to receive their assistance can be highly beneficial over the long run.

4. Overlooking Extra Features and Add-Ons

Overlooking a service offering managed hosting that may cost a bit more money can be a costly mistake in the long term. This type of service will often have extra add-ons and features you can utilize that will be highly cost-effective.

Using it will also provide you with an experienced and highly trained administrator who understands how to maintain your server correctly and efficiently. Having them work in the background while you focus on your website is a win-win situation resulting in a fantastic relationship.

5. Choosing the Wrong Features

It can be challenging to know the features and specs you require when using a server for your website. If it’s your first time, it may be difficult to make the right choice. Picking the wrong storage amount or RAM can set you back quickly if you start getting more traffic than you expected.

Working with an experienced hosting company can help solve this problem and allow you to get recommendations on the best features and specs for your specific needs.

Taking the time to reflect on these problems can help you avoid making a mistake you might regret in a few weeks or months. Using a dedicated server should make it much more efficient to get your site up and running correctly and effectively.

Review 5 Common Problems You Can Avoid by Opting for Dedicated Hosting.

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