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26 Nov 2022

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Worst Bowling Figures in IPL | Who Is The Worst Bowler in The World?

Worst Bowling Figures in IPL | Who Is The Worst Bowler in The World?

Top 5 Worst Bowling Figures In IPL – The Indian Premier League has a very large fan base. It is one of the most reputable cricket leagues in the world. Players come here to make new records and provide a nail biting tournament for the viewers. However, it is also home to the worst bowling figures as the pressure can create a very demanding situation in which a bowler can easily slip from his form. We have got the best place for you to know the in and out of how to bet on cricket in India in the form of 24betting site. It is one of the most trustworthy website that deals in rupees for your convenience. It provides you with huge rewards when you win a bet that you have place on Indian Premier League through it. 24betting website also provides you with fast withdrawals so you do not have to wait for a tedious amount of time after a win. It has a fair good reputation in the betting world.

1. Basil Thampi

Thampi is originally a team member of the Indian Cricket team. He plays as a bowler and is known to represent Kerala in domestic cricket. During a match on 17th May 2018, he gave the worst performance of his career as he got a total of 70 runs in about four overs of his bowling. This match was between Hyderabad Sunrisers and Royal Challengers Bangalore. At last the match came to end on a tie and the Hyderabad Sunrisers lost a sure victory due to these unfavorable four overs and Basil Thampi became one of the worst bowling figures in T20 Format

2. Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Mujeeb Ur Rehman is an Afghan cricket team member. In the season of Indian Premier League that took place in 2019, he went through a very unfortunate bowling phase in a match against Sunrisers Hyderabad. He was playing for the Kings XI Punjab at the time. He ended up conceding a score of 66 runs over four overs which put a serious dent in his overall average.

3. Ishant Sharma

Ishant Sharma plays as an excellent bowler for the Indian cricket team. In the Indian Premier League auction, he goes at a very high price due to his talented bowling. However, in the 2013 season of the Indian Premier League, Ishant Sharma faced a very bad spell in a match for about four overs. This match was against Chennai Super Kings and he was playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad. He caused the team a score of 66 runs in a mere four overs without gaining any wickets for the team as well, this match made him one of the worst bowler in the world.

4. Umesh Yadav

Umesh Yadav plays for the Indian cricket team. He is number four on the list as he showcased a very bad bowling streak in the Indian Premier League match. He was playing against Royal Challengers Bangalore at Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium when he cost The Delhi Capitals 65 scores in about 4 runs without claiming any wicket for the team. This match took place on 10th May 2013. However, during the course of his career in the Indian Premier League, his performance has improved quite vastly and he has become a very valuable player for the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

5. Sandeep Sharma

In the 2014 season of the Indian Premier League, Sandeep Sharma gave four very disappointing overs against Sunrisers Hyderabad on 14th May 2014. At the time, he was playing for the Kings XI Punjab and caused them a negative score of 65 runs at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium and bear the rank of the worst indian cricketer. However, he did claim a wicket for his team during these four overs.

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