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30 Sep 2022

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Understanding Which Scanner Is Right For You

Understanding Which Scanner Is Right For You

Which Scanner Is Right For You – While our world becomes increasingly more digital, we’re still dealing with paper. In some aspects, it’s unavoidable. You may receive printed bills, statements, legal documents and other important items. However, you continue to rely on digital means for document storage. Scanning is the most logical solution to turn all that paper into files ready for your hard disk or cloud storage space. Choosing a powerful scanner like Fujitsu PaperStream Capture can help you achieve the best quality results.

ScanSnap Download

The scanning solution you select should be able to handle the volume of paper you process. Many home offices can get a lot of mileage out of a one-touch scanner like the ScanSnap iX1400. With an intuitive interface, the ScanSnap performs double-sided scanning at up to 40 pages per minute and includes a 50-page automated document feeder. When on manual feed mode, you can scan many other things besides standard 8.5 x 11″ documents. The ScanSnap iX1400’s capabilities allow you to scan a wide range of printed items:

  • Documents on A3 paper
  • Documents with stick-on notes
  • Receipts
  • Envelopes
  • Plastic cards

The ScanSnap iX1400 also supports photo scanning, with many features that make digitizing and saving easier. On 4 x 6″ photos, the ScanSnap can perform red-eye reduction and automatic facial orientation.

The ScanSnap iX1400 pairs with user-friendly software that unlocks its capabilities. ScanSnap Home performs several time-saving functions: one-button scanning, document classification, optical character recognition and image correction.

ScanSnap Home’s document classification feature does some of the hard work for you. It can recognize what type of item you scanned, whether it’s a business card, receipt, photo or something else entirely. Along with ScanSnap’s other features, your scanner produces completed files that match the original paper documents. ScanSnap download is currently available from Fujitsu.

Understanding Which Scanner Is Right for You

The ScanSnap iX1400 is just one example of how the right scanner can save time, reduce paper and help you stay organized. If you require something more robust, one of Fujitsu’s fi products may be a better fit. The fi-8170 scanner is just one example. Equipped with Clear Image Capture, this model captures whatever you scan with unmatched accuracy and clarity. Straight-to-Cloud scanning lets you scan and save documents right to your cloud storage space without ever touching a PC. With its dual-interface connections and an user-friendly control panel, the fi-8170 can easily handle all your office’s scanning needs.

As you already know, scanning software capabilities are just as critical as the scanning device itself. If you’re already equipped with a high-quality scanner, PaperStream Capture may be an excellent solution for you. PaperStream Capture includes customizable profiles, image enhancement, page separation and a quality check feature that allows you to choose the cleanest scanned images. With such powerful capabilities, PaperStream Capture saves time and improves the accuracy of document scans.

Scanning Options for Homes and Offices

As we transition to more digital technologies, how we handle paper is just as important as how we handle our digital files. Fujitsu provides several scanning solutions to meet the needs of both home and commercial users.

Review Understanding Which Scanner Is Right For You.

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