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30 Nov 2022

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Transforming Enterprise Networks With Intelligent Network Automation
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Transforming Enterprise Networks With Intelligent Network Automation


Transforming Enterprise Networks With Network Automation – After all, network teams are in charge of designing, implementing, provisioning, configuring, and maintaining the computer networks that keep the business running. Not surprisingly, most CIOs prioritise automation initiatives, hoping to capitalise on the numerous benefits promised by the concept of automating IT processes that are currently handled manually.

Most network automation solutions promise to save you money, boost efficiency, free up engineers’ time to focus on more strategic initiatives, increase agility, and reduce human errors. However, not all automation solutions can provide the desired business outcomes, and making the wrong choice can lead to resentment, wasted time and money, and giving naysayers ammunition to shut down future automation efforts. Let’s look at what characteristics are required for a truly intelligent network automation solution for enterprises. What makes a product not just nice, but great, and capable of delivering the business results you expect?

Why Is Intelligent Network Automation Important for Enterprises?

Today’s organisations are embracing digital transformation to unleash new levels of business innovation and competitive advantage. Their success, however, is dependent on developing an agile business and agile IT. Automation is critical to IT agility in the digital age.

Network operations are frequently carried out manually, device by device, via the command line interface. This strategy can work reasonably well for keeping the lights on, but manual command entry by humans frequently results in outages due to misconfigured network devices. Furthermore, changing network configuration to support new applications can take weeks. Change windows are limited, and approval processes are often stringent. The single biggest impediment to an organization’s ability to capitalise on digitalization is a lack of network lifecycle automation and the network’s inability to align with IT operations and tool chains. Without the right network automation tools, network management remains extremely labor-intensive.

Benefits of Intelligent Network Automation For Enterprises

The goal of networking automation is to create autonomous processes that allow your network to perform critical tasks without human intervention. In recent years, networking automation technology has matured to the point where it is now possible and feasible for businesses of all sizes to use network automation tools. Integrating automation into enterprise networking operations can help your networking team focus on more strategic projects by speeding up workflows and automating manual processes. The advantages of network automation software include unified wired/wireless management, faster service initiation, fewer outages due to human error, and complete application visibility.

How to Select an Intelligent Network Automation Software For Your Enterprise

With the growing size and complexity of enterprise networks, networking automation is the only way to manage the network, ensure availability, and free up the IT team to focus on other tasks. There are numerous network automation software options on the market, and determining which one is best for your company is dependent on your requirements. Some are open source and provide network automation frameworks with commonly used, repeatable workflows and commands. Others are proprietary, some are more rigid, while others are flexible and designed to meet the specific needs of your business and industry.

A few key characteristics to search in a prospective Intelligent Network Automation system :

  • Automation of provisioning, validation, troubleshooting, and remediation
  • Simple deployment that reduces time to value
  • Customizable to meet changing needs

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