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04 Dec 2022

Software Development Write for Us

Software Development Write for Us

Software Development Write for UsSoftware Development Write for Us – Do you love writing about software development(Software development write for us)? Then, write for, and you’ll get access to a larger audience. gets thousands of visitors each month and is a respected source of information.  We constantly welcome skilled writers who want to publish guest posts regularly. We are looking for brilliant writers who can provide quality content and whose writing skills are very crisp & fresh.

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What is Software Development?

Several billion dollars of budgets spent, several million developers worldwide, ever more innovative technologies, increased user and customer expectations. with fewer deadlines and budgets.

Software development refers to the entire process of building all types of reliable and efficient computer applications and ranges from the study of the customer’s needs, through the design, implementation and maintenance of the software. application. These various steps are possible thanks to a specific computer language or rather thanks to several languages. And to developers mastering these languages.

The main missions of the Software Developer:

  • Write all or part of the software, programs, interface components and databases
  • Create a prototype of the software and have it validated by the client or superiors
  • Perform numerous tests to ensure the reliability of the software
  • Write a software installation and user manual and/or provide training
  • Provide technical support and maintenance for various bugs
  • Improve existing programs with innovations in the field through technology watch

Topics We Like in Software development write for us

We JTB publish all kinds of well-written content. However, here is the list of few example topics for your reference.

  • CI/CD
  • Builds
  • Bazel
  • Linux Software Development
  • Developer Tools
  • Containers
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Shell Scripting
  • Testing
  • Kubernetes
  • Go
  • Python

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