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04 Dec 2022

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Is Getting a Tutor For My Child A Good Idea

Is Getting a Tutor For My Child A Good Idea

Everyone wants their children to meet their full potential, so it’s not uncommon to consider private tutors when thinking about their schooling.

This is potentially an investment in their future, but there are other considerations such as whether you’re going to put undue pressure on your child.

This article will explore some of the pros and cons of hiring a personal tutor for your child and help you make an informed decision about whether it is the best route to take for your family.

Your Child’s Academic Ability

Not all children are (or even will be) academically inclined. While you may want them to be, you shouldn’t see this as a negative thing, the world needs just as many hands-on practical workers as it does thinkers, and we would be lost without tradesman and other skill sets that are considered non-academic.

Obviously, at an early age, it’s difficult to see where your child’s true strengths and weaknesses lie, but if you can clearly see your child is more practical than academic, hiring a tutor may not be the best way to spend your money. For example, if your child is adamant they want to be a mechanic, and they don’t excel in maths and English, then perhaps your money would be better spent harnessing their interest and the career path they want to take, such as getting them involved with your local race track, etc.

The last thing you want to do is put extra pressure on a child who has no interest and cause them stress and anxiety in the long term.

On the opposite side of this, a child who is already achieving very good grades may not need a tutor. If your child is a straight A student, spending money on a tutor seems a little over the top. This money would be better spent being put aside for a college fund or perhaps purchasing a computer to aid them in their studies.

A private tutor is really perfect for children who show academic promise and interest and are struggling in one or two areas. This is the sweet spot for when hiring a tutor is going to really bring out the best in your child.

Most children either excel at maths or English, but it’s unusual to get a child who is good at both. This is primarily because of the way we process the information. English uses the creative side of the brain while maths uses the logical side.

Most people are stronger with either the creative aspects of learning or the logical, yet colleges often don’t take this into account and require you to get good grades in both subjects to get on to some of the most prestigious courses.

With this in mind, it’s worth working with your child to find out which area they find more difficult and get extra support for them in this area. This will also allow you to find a tutor who excels in this subject as opposed to one who covers everything but not as in-depth.

The Benefits of Tutoring

One thing tutoring does well is improve your child’s confidence in their ability, which a lot of the time will make a huge difference to their performance.

In a classroom setting, often a child doesn’t get the attention or praise they need to give them reassurance in their studies, so having this is invaluable.

Another great benefit is a lot of the time, your child’s homework can be done with the tutor and so it means you’re not having to nag your child to complete their homework. This is going to create more quality family time and balance within the home.

Tutors can be such a positive impact on your child’s outlook, education, and future in the correct circumstances.

The Tutor

Hiring the right person is obviously crucial to the success of your child. They have to connect with the tutor as much as you do, so it’s worth having your child sit in on the interview and get their thoughts on the person as well.

Make sure you check the references of the tutor, and also their qualifications, to ensure they are trained in the subject you’re looking to have them teach.

In addition to this, see how personable they are. Someone can have a Ph.D. but be terrible with people and have little patience. Patience is one of the traits necessary for someone working alongside a child who is struggling.

You should get a pretty good feel for their personality during your interview stages. You could opt to hire through an agency too, which will take some of the work out of your hands (in terms of checking they are suitably qualified, etc.). However, it’s still a good idea to ask to be in on an interview yourself, so you can meet them in advance and see if you’re happy with them.

Additional Costs

Tutoring can be expensive, but in a lot of cases, the cost is one very well spent and an investment in your child’s future.

There are, however, other cost considerations when thinking about private tutoring at home.

You are going to need some technology that your child can use to study at home. A laptop is going to be useful to allow your child to move to quiet workspaces around the home and to get the most from their tutoring sessions.

A basic laptop will usually have everything your child needs for research, emailing assignments, etc., so you don’t need to spend a fortune. Check out the Lenovo laptop sale for some great buys, which will aid your child in their studies.


Hiring a tutor is often a fantastic way of helping bring your child up to scratch in subjects they may otherwise struggle with, however, it’s not suitable for everyone.

There are considerations to think about, including the cost (both of hiring the tutor and of the equipment you’ll need at home), and your child’s own ambitions and interest in academic study.

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