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04 Oct 2022

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The primary industry that moves entertainment is undoubtedly Hollywood so it is not surprising that it is one of those that should be involved more easily and quickly with the concept of the Metaverse. You Can visit site

The games and media that attract the attention of many consumers in the world are often created in this place that, for many, could be considered the perfect home for the Metaverse.

The changes not only in the internet, but the platforms, devices, and applications that the Metaverse will produce will also not only stay there. Still, they will revolutionize business, culture, and technology.

The investors of the Metaverse hope that the Mecca of cinema and entertainment is prepared for what is coming since there are too many questions and confusion about it; where the easiest way to explain it is that it consists of a virtual world where users will be able to transport themselves in 3D.

The origin of the Metaverse was in Hollywood.

When Meta proposes the creation of a Metaverse where people can share and generate a life parallel to the real world, which means that most of the activities that we carry out daily could be transferred to this virtual environment, but with more incredible benefits, perhaps he did so based on the film productions that have come onto the market.

The first time the concept that we know today as the Metaverse was unveiled originated in 1992 when the writer Neal Stephenson proposed what could be a virtual space where people could develop spaces fused with reality.

To enter that world that Neal plated, special glasses were needed, something that is not far from the current reality after the creation of VR devices, which through a kind of characters could move in this environment quickly.

But Hollywood was not far behind; it has been a set of science fiction productions that have allowed people to have a reference to what the Metaverse could be.

The benefits of this new technological proposal may be focused directly on entertainment and leisure activities such as social networks, movies, and even video games; the benefits are yet to be seen.

Among some of the cinematographic productions that have been created and that demonstrate what the Metaverse could bring are the following:

  • The Matrix

Created in 1999, this could be considered one of the most emblematic productions in terms of what could be referred to as the Metaverse, where artificial intelligence is its primary focus, transcending to new spaces and levels of reality.

On the other hand, he managed to convey to his followers the power of computers in creating worlds and their dependence on technology.

  • Inception

A production created in 2010, whose essence is based on the use of technology to show experiences simultaneously in the most unconscious aspect of the human being, such as sleep.

The film revolves around the idea of people using technology to experience simultaneous experiences in one of the most intimate and unconscious spaces: our dream.

This is a film that demonstrates all the psychological aspects and the implications that this can have when transcending to a new virtual universe, something that is not indifferent to the Metaverse.

  • Jumanji

From 1995, this cinematographic work represents the adventures of a video game known as Jumanji, which takes place in a virtual world, managing to make this experience authentic and where reality merges with the same characters known as avatars.

Changes in Hollywood with the Metaverse

Technology has shown how it can systematically change the daily life of human beings and make them even more dependent on it.

When the internet reached the entertainment and information media, everything changed from seeing the news in a traditional circulation newspaper to PDF subscriptions from publishing companies because technology is more within reach of all users.

People will prefer to visualize the news where the events are evidenced through an augmented reality that allows them to know what is happening worldwide and in their localities.

Instead of seeing a traditional film production, people prefer to be part of it through virtual reality and 3D technology.


Technology has shown its ability to move the various sectors that make up society, which is why implementing the Metaverse, will have the same effect, where everyone will want the latest devices that allow them to have the most natural experience possible in a virtual world.


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