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26 Nov 2022

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Is It Smart to Hire Foreign Transcriptionists?
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Is It Smart to Hire Foreign Transcriptionists?

The decision to hire foreign transcriptionists or not can be a difficult one to arrive at. You may wonder whether it is smart to hire foreign transcriptionists or not. After all, you may know of someone who hired a foreign transcriptionist only to have the work done poorly, yet they had paid handsomely for the services.

Well, despite there being some disadvantages, this should not discourage you. It is not until you hire the right foreign transcriptionist that you shall get an answer to your question, is it smart to hire foreign transcriptionists? This blog focuses on turning stones to answer that. Stick around to find out.

1. Efficiency

If you want to streamline your business processes, hiring professional foreign transcriptionists is the way to go. Handling every aspect of your business on your own can be overwhelming. It would be best to delegate some of your work, such as audio transcription, to professionals for greater efficiency.

By hiring professionals, you are assured of getting quicker turnaround times. Professional translation services have the experience, tools and dedication to ensure they deliver the finished product in the shortest time possible. Having an employee not well-versed in transcribing handle your audio transcription jobs will leave you full of regrets and may result in the downfall of your business. By hiring foreign transcriptionists, you can focus on growing your business.

2. Greater Level of Accuracy

Translating audios of foreign languages can be challenging if you are not well-versed with the language. Because accuracy plays a significant role in transcription, hiring experienced foreign transcriptionists is essential if you want to receive a greater level of accuracy.

Having a non-native Croatian with poor Croatian skills handle your Croatian transcription job will present varying problems relating to grammar, inaccurate phrasing of idioms and spelling of brand names. If you want highly accurate translation and transcription services, you should have professional foreign transcriptionists handle your foreign transcribing jobs.

3. Professional Foreign Transcriptionists Have Experience and Knowledge

There is no point in hiring a quack claiming to be adept in transcribing and translating files in foreign languages handle your work only to deliver something you will have to spend hours re-editing. Experience and knowledge play a crucial role in the field of transcription.

Foreign transcriptionists who have been in the industry for an extended period and are well-versed with the foreign languages you are interested in have the skills and experience to grasp the concepts in the files you want to be translated or transcribed.

4. It is a More Affordable Option

One of the main reasons that make businesses interested in engaging translation and transcribing services shy away from engaging foreign transcriptionists is cost. The thought that foreign transcriptionists tag hefty prices for their services makes most people and businesses shelf their plans of engaging these professionals. However, in actuality, engaging the services of foreign transcriptionists can save you or your business a lot of money. Here is how.

By resorting to foreign transcriptionists, you will not have your employees engage in the lengthy tasks of transcribing and translating files. Instead, the employees will focus their attention on performing company responsibilities resulting in increased productivity that corresponds to increased revenue. The revenue generated by leaving your employees to concentrate on your company is greater than the cost of engaging a team of professional foreign transcriptionists. Also, it can be quite expensive to equip and fund employees to translate and transcribe your video and audio files.

5. They are Well-Equipped for the Job

Foreign transcriptionists have the right tools to ensure you get error-free transcribed files. With the right grammar-checking and transcribing tools, foreign transcriptionists can turn around your audio files faster without compromising the accuracy of the final product.

Why have an amateur or not well-equipped personnel transcribe your files? There are numerous foreign transcriptionists you can hire to perform complex transcriptions in the shortest time possible. Using state-of-the-art tools and complex software programs, foreign transcription services can ensure your video and audio transcribing needs are addressed as quickly as possible at an affordable rate and error-free.

You stand to benefit in many ways by hiring professional foreign transcriptionists. However, you can only realize these benefits if only you find the right foreign transcription services. Settling for amateurs and quacks masquerading as foreign transcriptionists will have you crying foul.


In case you are considering hiring foreign transcriptionists and find yourself wondering if that is a smart move. The answer to your question is yes, it is smart to hire foreign transcriptionists. The benefits of having professional foreign transcribers handle your video and audio interpretation needs are numerous. However, on the same note, it is crucial to find the right foreign transcriptions. You can find yourself counting losses if you fail to do your due diligence.

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