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04 Oct 2022

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The Top 6 Blockchain Podcasts

The Top 6 Blockchain Podcasts

The Top 6 Blockchain Podcasts – Podcasts have become increasingly popular, and it is not hard to see why. One can listen to podcasts in the car or while doing chores, and there is content for everyone. In addition, as people’s lives get busier, they often resort to multitasking or prefer listening over reading.

Over the last decade, people have realized that they do not necessarily have to go through traditional methods like college or reading to learn a hobby or subject. Instead, Youtube and podcasts have become a popular way to learn about topics like personal finance and other life or technical skills.

One subject lately many are interested in is blockchain due to the rise of cryptocurrency, particularly popular ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum. So, here are the best blockchain podcasts:

The Bad Crypto Podcast

Joel Comm and Travis Wright co-host this podcast talking about the world of bitcoin, blockchain, and many other topics. Comm is an NFT expert and blockchain enthusiast, and Wright is a blockchain advisor and marketing technologist, among other titles they have amassed.

The episodes consist of an interview with Joseph Steinberg about cybersecurity, a topic like crypto roulette, a talk with Josh Rosenthal about the crypto renaissance.

What Bitcoin Did

Starting in 2017, it is a tri-weekly podcast. Peter McCormack, the host, interviews Bitcoin experts about various topics.

There are over 400 episodes on topics like the future of Bitcoin banking, the separation of money and state, and the failure of Ethereum governance.

The Epicenter Podcast

Epicenter was started in 2013. The podcast consists of conversations about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, interviewing business leaders, engineers, and other people in various fields.

Sebastien Couture, Brian Fabian Crain, Meher Roy, Sunny Aggarwal, and Friederike Ernst host the podcast. There are new episodes every Tuesday. Episodes consist of interviews with Alex Blania about Worldcoin, Jordi Baylina about Hermez and ZK technology, and many other interesting topics.

Crypto Voices

The podcast was established in 2017. Each week features a different voice on topics like Bitcoin, economics, and privacy. There are episodes about early Bitcoin stories, human rights and Bitcoin, and economic principles and Bitcoin.

The Blockchain Show

Starting in 2016, the Blockchain Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Ethan Kinderknecht. It is about cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

Often, they have guests ranging from CEOs to entrepreneurs. In addition, they have episodes like a beginner guide, global crypto regulations, and many other topics.

The Decrypt Daily

The Decrypt Daily is a daily podcast with news about Bitcoin. Matthew Diemer hosts the podcast and has over 500 episodes. There are episodes about lawsuits, crypto tax season, and many other topics.

Possible Oversaturation of Blockchain Podcasts

Like anything popular, many people want to jump on the bandwagon, and in this case, they want to become successful. With the rise of cryptocurrency particularly in 2017, that is a similar case, but some people always rise to the top

So, oversaturation is not necessarily bad because competition likely means better content for the listeners. Also, it means more choice, so listeners can probably find podcasts they really enjoy.

Review The Top 6 Blockchain Podcasts.

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