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04 Oct 2022

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Annihilation – Analysis of Annihilation, Story Explanation, Review, and More

Annihilation – Analysis of Annihilation, Story Explanation, Review, and More

What is Annihilation?

  • Annihilation is a film that has not left anyone indifferent, polarizing opinions that range from samples from more unconditional love.
  • It is to which I join without hesitation – to cries to heaven that add the buzzword: “overrated.”
  • Regardless of all this story and the philias and phobias that every project on their film assessment.
  • Much of the respectable agrees is pointing to an ambiguous ending that, far from closing its plot and providing clear and concise answers.
  • It leaves in the air a nice handful of unknowns for the free interpretation of the spectator.

What is the glow and What happens at the lighthouse at the end of the movie?

  • Does Lena manage to run and escape from Area X, or, on the contrary, is it her copy that is to interrogate?
  • To shed some light on all this, we bring you video to reel and explain the end of ‘Annihilation.’
  • What have you taken from the end of the film? Which Lena do you think survived the lighthouse incident?
  • Do not hesitate to contribute your opinion to extend the debate in the comments, ‘Annihilation,’ there is a discussion for a long time.
  • And that, from my point of view, only confirms that this is one of the most relevant works of contemporary science fiction.
  • Destruction has been a revolution on Netflix.
  • The complex science fiction work of the creator of Ex-Machina has become a great puzzle where the scientific basis merges with science fiction to give rise to a new world.
  • During the film, simplified but effective concepts of cell biology expose, which helps us understand the plot and deepen its message. Let’s start from scratch to understand the film.


  • Let’s start like that children’s series called ‘Once upon a time the human body and let’s delve into our fascinating inner world.
  • Our body is constantly changing.
  • The cells that compose us are generated and die throughout our lives.
  • We live in a continuous transformation, and through mitosis, cells duplicate DNA and divide, giving rise to new cells.
  • But not all the cells that make up our body regenerate at the same speed.
  • Those that make up the skin, the intestines, or the kidneys, when exposed to more wear factors, renew in days, while the bones take up to ten years.
  • In each copy of DNA, a slight loss of information means that the new cell is not 100% exact from which it comes.
  • For the same reason, we do not remain the same throughout our lives, and as proof of this is aging or mutations.
  • Mutations are DNA alterations that occur spontaneously or due to external factors that modify the genetic code.
  • We expose thousands of mutations, some beneficial, most neutral, and others negative, such as cancer, throughout our lives.


  • And it is precise with an expanding cancer cell that the film begins.
  • The carcinogenic expansion that we see in the first scene of Annihilation is a simile to understand the functioning of the alien organism that gives rise to the film.
  • We see that cancer cell that is dividing and expanding through our body, like the entity fallen into the lighthouse, extends through the halo, modifying and mutating everything in its path.
  • And what we consider a threat is nothing more than a change, one that destroys us, but whose only function is to breakthrough.
  • But let’s not anticipate events.
  • We go step by step extracting each reading of the film because the scientific base gives way to pure science fiction.
  • The imagination is far above scientific facts, creating not only a new world but a new one.

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Review Annihilation – Analysis of Annihilation, Story Explanation, Review, and More.

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