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26 Nov 2022

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How does MVP grow into the Final Product?
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How does MVP grow into the Final Product?

How does MVP grow into the Final Product? – In this post, we will give a brief look at the process of MVP product development to turn out into a final product! Once a product is in its MVP stage, it should pass through the following further Product Development Stages to achieve the final result;

MVP -> MMP -> MMF -> MLP

Responsible startups generally use MVP. It is a comprehensive way to know consumer insights. One can use them for continuous feedback and improvement as a part of product development before launching! A minimal product is for its end-users for trial. It includes presenting the features in front of them to get valuable feedback about the functionality.

A minimum viable product going in the right direction reduces the chances of startup failure. It gives one chance to test the product idea and business hypothesis at a lower cost than a test of the final product! A startup can get an idea about the market demand about whether people are likely to use a product.

Due to the iterative process, MVP can help one get ideas about the chances of improvement. It is also about what’s missing in the product. One can also think about the new features directly from future product consumers! It benefits a startup to realize the pain points or objectives to succeed in the market.

Hence, businesses would come to know whether any of the features are not needed by their buyers, at least initially. So the final product will better serve its users to cater to their problems and needs.

a) MMP (Minimum Marketable Product)

It is the product version having the potential to be introduced to the market. It benefits one in different ways like;

-To get critical feedback from product users helpful for its improvements,

– Reduce costs of creating and releasing the whole product,

– Act as a source of early revenue, and

– Save the overall time it takes to launch a product in the actual market!

It is usually an MVP version that will debut in the market. We can call it the first step to achieving the final actual product. It was made after constant evolvement by the insights of consumer response data.

There are many measures to check the performance of MVP. It includes customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, and active users. The list also comprises user feedback, word of mouth, and overall engagement.

One can use this term with MMR (Minimum Marketable Release). However, they differ; MMR is the version that involves the MMP of the product that is ready to launch in the market.

The product version having further chances of development and further sold is an MMP! It allows for quick profit production augmentation and faster profit maximization.

MVP and MMP are the basic units to measure the product development process, yet MMR is the version for the market!

b) MMF (Minimum Marketable Feature)

The crucial feature of the final product is the one that a business can launch as an individual item. After performing the loop of feedback and development several times, MMF comes into action! It indicates the feature of the MMR or MMP that defines the primary purpose of the product.

It possesses an intrinsic market value due to which a business can launch an MMF version of a product in the market. It will help a brand develop its loyal customer base and act as a source of early revenue by saving expenditure. There are many more business benefits, such as;

– Gain competition over other similar products available in the market.

– It is ready to release in the market separately, so there is a high possibility of revenue.

– A business can make its end customer more aware of the product or brand.

c) MLP (Minimum Lovable Product)

Here are some improvements in the basic product features in terms of quality so that its customers will enjoy using it. It is the final stage in the product development cycle. This version is to enhance the quality of the highly crucial product features.

It is more than just offering minimal functions to the consumers. Instead, the aim here is to make them like the product. MLP is a time taking process than creating an MMP. There are many positive impacts of it on the business, like;

– Chances of higher revenues,

– A company can better understand its customers, and

– Get early adopters related to the product.

There should be a responsive development team. It can quickly apply changes to the product as per the user’s feedback and demands. The product development doesn’t stop here. After all, the startups need to upgrade the item continuously. It is to test and update the wow-effect of a product and keep luring its target customers.

What Essentials Facts to consider about Growth of an MVP to Final Product?

The above stages of minimal product development can make the process cost-friendly, swift, and simple! It is also to shape other company operations slowly. It cannot be possible without an agile team that can internalize the system and learns from the process, always. In addition, here are some more vital things to consider;

– At every step of the product development, the business idea should be in mind to stick as per the aim!

– Every user feedback is essential! Each should be in consideration with care to save the process from going in the wrong direction.

– Avoid loading too many features on the product that might not focus on solving the main issues of the end-users.

– Take care of the financial liquidity and do not underestimate the marketing strategy.

Testing, quality assurance, and quality control must be there. It must be part of the process before finalizing the product. Further, the improvement in the quality of the product will be by focusing on flexibility and testing.

– Discovery Stage – It is to better plan the designs and specifications. Businesses can better forecast the budget and efforts for software development. It is essential for the time needed to scope the big projects or raise investment for the projects.

– MVP – Projects with limited budgets must follow this. It is to prepare a competitive product with minimalistic releases.

– Fully Polished App – After knowing the needs of the end-users and testing the target audience, a well-finished app needs to make final.

Wrapping up

As per experts, the main reasons behind the non-success of many new business launches are;

– Producing and launching the same product that other competitors are already dealing with in the market.

– The product development stage lacks focus on users.

– Wrong choice of the team either for technical or business aspects.

An expert MVP and product development service from software development can ease much of that job!

If needed, the complete product development and management will handle by Altamira. They take care of a high ownership level from the vendor! Their experts can help one plan and execute the growth strategy from the first launching of the product to its market fit.

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