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20 Oct 2021

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WoT- What is the Web of Things (WoT), Definition, and Applications

WoT- What is the Web of Things (WoT), Definition, and Applications

What Does Web of Things (WoT) Mean?

  • Web of Things is a new concept of computers that describes a future where everyday objects integrate with the Web.
  • The prerequisite for WoT is for the “things” to have embedded computer systems that enable communication with the Web.
  • Such intelligent devices would then be able to communicate with each other using existing Web standards.

Explains Web of Things (WoT)

  • Considered a subset of the Internet of Things (IoT), WoT focuses on software standards.
  • Also, frameworks such as REST, HTTP, and URIs to create applications and services that combine and interact with various network devices.
  • So, you could think of the Web of Things as everyday objects to access Web services.
  • The critical point is that this doesn’t involve the reinvention of the means of communication because of existing standards.
  • Internet of Things or radiofrequency identification (RFID) and how physical objects to the Internet can communicate with each other.
  • Both terms are difficult to define precisely, although they are in their general theme.

What WoT Features?

  • The definition of WoT is nothing but a grouping of devices and objects (either private and the Internet.
  • Also, the network where all of them can interact—things such as the refrigerator, footwear, or clothing.
  • Anything you can imagine, such as technology, could be connected to the Internet and interact without the need for human intervention.
  • However, the goal, therefore, is a machine-to-machine interaction, or what is known as an M2M (machine to machine) interaction or M2M devices.

Why is WoT fashionable?

  • The Internet has evolved rapidly, making iot a reality and not just a future vision.
  • Also, The fame of this technology lies mainly in all the applications.
  • And possibilities that it provides us both to improve both people’s daily lives and business environments.
  • Also, where it has already for some time.
  • Security systems that connect to the network or technology notify you.
  • However, when someone enters your house or those devices that allow you to turn on the heating from a mobile phone.
    Another basic example of an application would be in the livestock sector.
  • Also, where biometric monitoring and geolocation is a factor that helps farmers to ensure that their animals.
  • Terms can be use related to WoT can be “Smart Cities” and “Smart Buildings,” .
  • However, where WoT devices improve traffic control, water and heating supplies in a building, control of public transport, etc.

What are WoT technologies?

  • As we can see, IoT is already here, and it is a reality.
  • Its scope of application is vast, and every day more and more devices are emerging that make this information technology possible and better.
  • This technology or network associated with the IoT allows data to be collected.
  • Also, sent to the Web for analysis or even to carry out a previous study and then send it to the network.
  • This communication process is where IoT is evolving.
  • One obstacle to overcome is the type of protocol with which these devices communicate (that is, “the language” that they speak between them).

What applications does it have?

  • Additionally, each manufacturer or “vendor” has communication protocols that mean that not all devices are compatible.
  • One of the mechanisms that establish is the creation of an open.
  • And standard protocol (proposed by IBM) called MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport).
  • On the other hand, if we are looking for devices for WoT.
  • However, you have to consider various aspects such as high or low consumption and that they are small.

What are the latest devices for WoT?

  • Hence SoCs (SoC, System on Chip) is integral.
  • As examples of prominent manufacturers, we have ARM and Intel.
  • They are allowing users to assemble their own devices and control circuits for the home.

Essential part of an WoT device

  • Another essential part of an WoT device is the sensors.
  • Also, the processor and the platform are responsible for managing the information or Web.
  • Also, but this must come from the sensors.
  • In this case or sense, Arduino has made this type of technology available to all users.

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