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04 Dec 2022

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6 Reasons Why New Businesses Should Opt for Fiber Optic Connections
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6 Reasons Why New Businesses Should Opt for Fiber Optic Connections

6 Reasons Why New Businesses Should Opt for Fiber Optic Connections – In the past few years, you couldn’t connect with your customers or team unless you were in the office. Today, the connection is everywhere, with almost every business process and function taking place online, from weekly meetings to customer support service.

Despite the internet being better for your business, there is one challenge left: the connection from your internet service provider. If the network connection in your business goes down, every activity goes down.

A reliable internet connection is vital for businesses. Because of that, businesses are opting for internet providers offering fiber-optic internet access for their daily activities. Businesses use office WIFI for everyday tasks and help drive growth overall. Below are the reasons you should go for fiber optic installation in your company.

Reasons for having fiber optic in your business

In this digital era, internet connection has become one of the most important components of any fast-growing business. How often do businesses send files, download documents, and upload data to the cloud storage, video conference or visit vendors’ websites? All this is possible with office cabling or internet connection. WIFI installation is an important project in a start-up business to ensure a smooth run of processes and activities that require an internet connection.

1. Cost effectiveness

You indeed need an upfront investment when you opt for fiber optic, but its long-term advantages will minimize the overall cost over time. The increased download or upload speed will ensure increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Fiber-optic requires less maintenance compared to other broadband. Once you install fiber in your business, there is no need to update and upgrade since the process is automatic. Installation cost is one time and no additional equipment or switching out hardware.

A faster speed will impact your operating expenses, from CCTV installation to cloud-based storage. Because of that, companies will have an option of removing physical servers, decreasing electricity usage, and in turn, reducing power bills.

Additionally, some companies may prefer not to have on-site personnel managing servers and instead use cloud storage to save money.

2. Faster speed

Fiber can easily reach a speed of 100Gbps. Therefore, employees can send files faster, send emails faster, upload information and download large attachments quickly thanks to a fast connection. This will save a lot of money and time.

A slow internet connection will also affect your business externally. For example, incomplete transactions, slow response time, or lag time on websites can frustrate customers and reduce profits or lost business.

3. More available and secure

Fiber-optic uses a dedicated server, meaning it is secure and has less interference than any other broadband. This is a perfect internet provider for your data cabling and office WIFI. For other providers like 4G services and cable modems, their availability will depend entirely on the bandwidth usage.

You can have additional bandwidth with 5G, but its increased bandwidth is limited over a short distance and can be accessed by any customer connected. Nothing will limit your business from utilizing things like office and data cabling when connected to this available and secure internet provider.

4. Scalable

As the company grows, a flexible bandwidth is a viable option to ensure quality performance. Not all businesses need 1Gbps today; some small businesses may need 100Mbps or 250Mbps. A company with many employees may need a strong office WIFI compared to an office with fewer staff.

A fiber network can be adjusted to fit any internet needs for different businesses without additional hardware. If you are planning for a CCTV installation, you can work with the same hardware regardless of the size of the chosen bandwidth.

5. Future-proofs business

Every business wants to keep on growing to meet customer demands and make more profit, and your internet should help you with that. Lucky you! Fiber internet has that capability.

Fiber internet offers great bandwidth that makes it possible for you to complete projects fasters, connect more employees at the same time without laggings and add more devices. Therefore, new businesses can expand any time they get the chance without worrying about system and service upgrades.

6. Enhance cloud computing

Different companies use different cloud computing types to safely store their data. Cloud computing is one of the greatest ways to make your business stay efficient. However, you need a good bandwidth for this to succeed, and nothing can offer that good amount than fiber internet.

In a nutshell

Fiber is no longer a buzzword used in the telecommunication industry. It is one of the most viable and available internet connection options for new businesses. Its positive impact on growth and bottom-line demonstrates how valuable it is as a future internet provider across all industries.

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