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04 Oct 2022

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How to Start a Dropshipping Business in India
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How to Start a Dropshipping Business in India

How to Start a Dropshipping Business in India? – With the growing number of eCommerce stores, online stores have started to carve out a niche. Sellers are gravitating toward the Dropshipping concept because the market size of niche stores is limited and uncertain. The obvious next question after understanding what dropshipping is how to do it. Given the advantages and disadvantages of operating a dropshipping business in India.

Pick the right supplier

Choosing a seller from a list of options for your store is a critical task. Many Indian suppliers have started dropshipping for sellers like you, but not all of them provide the value you should look for in a supplier. When choosing a supplier, look for the following red flags:

  1. The supplier should manufacture the goods. It will then be a long chain that you will have difficulty tracking. They could be genuine and may have a large inventory.
  2. Examine the profit margins with your suppliers. Set your prices while keeping a healthy margin on all products, taking into account the prices quoted by your suppliers.
  3. Verify if the supplier promises a specific delivery date. To differentiate yourself from other similar stores, you must offer customers fast shipping. You are reliant on the supplier for shipping as well.
  4. Suppliers can charge you several ways and ask you for a one-time setup fee per order, a fixed monthly subscription, or a minimum purchase order.

Choose your products wisely

Once you’ve decided on a supplier, look through their products and talk to them about their best-selling items. Check other online stores for the same products based on their recommendations and your interests. View the available product varieties, pricing, descriptions, and images.

Obtain your GSTIN

If you are a registered company, now is the time to provide your GSTIN to the supplier for all transactions so that you can later claim the input credit. Before beginning with any supplier, discuss the GST requirements to avoid any future legal issues.

Create a website

Purchase a domain name and create a website for your store. The first time a visitor comes to your website, they should have an impression of the high-quality products you sell. The design of your website and the content on it should reflect your authenticity and trustworthiness. Provide many payment options and keep your technical side strong to manage your store because that’s all you have in the dropshipping business.

List your products and target market

While listing, share all relevant product details with customers—request product images for variations from your seller to increase your options and chances of selling. Marketing reviewed products can be a game-changer. To get buyers for your products, use social media marketing, paid campaigns on social media, and Google Adwords.


Be patient if your new store does not immediately appeal to your target audience. Marketing, poor product selection, the wrong audience, a lack of variety, boring website and media messages, customer service, and other factors could all be blamed. So, take advantage of the initial period to experiment, change, and improve your choices and strategies. You will succeed in making your dropshipping business profitable. If you want to know the profitability of starting a chocolate business, click here.

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