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04 Oct 2022

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Latest Intel Processor – New Intel 11 generation Processor and CPUs, Do they outperform?

Latest Intel Processor – New Intel 11 generation Processor and CPUs, Do they outperform?

What is Latest Intel Processor?

  • Latest Intel Processor at CES 2021 was a few hours ago, and we have not had surprises compared to what we expected for a few weeks.
  • The star products are the new Intel 11 Gen processors based on the Tiger Lake architectures- H and Rocket-Lake S for laptops and desktops.
  • As well as a different preview of the next generation.
  • Intel is going to bet on two different architectures for its eleventh generation.
  • On one hand, with the Rocket Lake-S architecture for desktop PCs.
  • On the other, it is in the notebook sector by Tiger Lake-H.

Intel Core-H, 11 Gen in gaming laptops

  • It has just introduced new processors that extend its current range of the eleventh generation Intel Core CPUs for laptops.
  • Based on Tiger Lake, the main novelty is a new segment of computers called H35.
  • It will allow the construction of laptops for gaming enthusiasts as thin as 16mm.
  • The H35 brand refers, as you may have guessed, to CPUs with a TDP of 35 W.
  • A new consumption specification that adds to the already classic 45 W and 15 W and that has to allow new designs in terms of laptops.
  • Intel at the moment has stated that we will see 40 inventions, that is, 40 computers, by the essential PC manufacturers by the first half of 2021.

Tiger Lake-H

  • This new variant of the Tiger Lake-H supports both DDR4 and LPDDR4 memory configurations, makes use of a fourth-generation PCIe interface of up to 4 lines.
  • It seems very low for a processor that is said to design for gaming.
  • These processors will also accompany by Intel’s dedicated GPUs based on its Xe-L P.
  • We have already seen in existing Tiger Lake models. The Core-i7 variants come with a 96 EU configuration, while the Core i5 with an 80 EU configuration.
  • The flagship processor of the H35 range is the Intel Core i7 Special Edition quad-core based on the Tiger Lake-H architecture.
  • It can reach a clock speed of up to 5 GHz, turbo mode.
  • Who asks for something more and wants a laptop that has nothing to envy of the desktop
  • Intel has also announced the 8-core version of the Tiger Lake-H architecture, with up to 5 GHz in turbo, 20 PCIe 4th generation lanes including Rocket Lake-S, and integrated Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6E radio.

Intel 11 Gen Desktop: Rocket Lake-S

  • It has also demonstrated the already imminent Rocket Lake-S launch.
  • The microprocessor giant claims that they have made a 19% improvement in the CPI over the previous generation.
  • Apart from improving clock frequencies
  • The processor that they have shown as the star of the range is the Intel Core i9-11900K.
  • The Rocket Lake-S is processors manufactured under Intel’s 14 nm node.
  • They use the Cypress Cove micro-architecture as the CPU core, which is the same core as the Intel Ice Lake but brought to 14 nm.
  • It is a monolithic CPU with a configuration of up to 8 cores and 16 threads.
  • But it not only stands out for the increase in performance compared to its predecessors.
  • But also for the increase in PCIe lines and the support of the fourth generation of the standard
  • Now it will be possible to place an SSD disk and a dedicated graphics card at the same time from the processor itself.
  • It is going to be one more nail in the coffin of conventional hard drives.

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Review Latest Intel Processor – New Intel 11 generation Processor and CPUs, Do they outperform?.

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