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04 Oct 2022

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What Is Amazon Seller Central And 10 Ways to Make Use of it
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What Is Amazon Seller Central And 10 Ways to Make Use of it

Amazon seller central is a web-based portal that enables Amazon merchants to manage their product listings, orders, and shipping information. It also allows merchants to view their sales reports, traffic data, and other essential metrics.

Here are ten ways you can use seller central for running a successful online business.

Create and Manage Your Product Listings

You can create product listings, edit details, including the name of your Amazon seller account, and view existing listings. You can even configure automatic repricing rules for your products.

Control Delivery Speed and Costs

You have absolute control over how fast you want to deliver your products to customers’ doorsteps.

It is a handy feature if there’s a seasonal spike in demand for your items or a big event that might push up interest in related goods.

Track Product Sales Performance

The reports section helps merchants track their daily, weekly, and monthly product sales performance through comprehensive views of daily activities such as the number of units sold, total revenue generated, order processing times, and so on.

For example, merchants can check their performance at a glance instead of checking the site every day.

Manage Customer Relationships

The Amazon Seller Central account allows merchants to access all information about their customers, including purchase history, product reviews, and order returns, without logging into separate portals.

It makes it convenient for business owners to interact with customers by answering questions and resolving issues quickly, which is excellent for sales conversions and customer retention.

Manage Inventory Levels

You can easily monitor your current stock level by viewing your available quantity on-hand, pending orders, open orders, backorders, out-of-stock items, and so on.

It will help you not to oversell or undersell, which will incur problems with delivery and customer relationship management (CRM) if the items are not sent, and the customers’ complaints or queries go unanswered.

Automate Repricing Rules

Amazon Seller Central allows you to set price adjustment rules based on predefined conditions such as competitor prices, Amazon price changes, and so on.

It helps you save time by automatically adjusting your product pricing for you.

Keep Up-To-Date with Your Marketplace Performance

According to reports, Amazon generated around $125 billion in sales revenue in 2020.

Amazon sells its own products through Amazon seller central. Still, it also enables third-party sellers like yourself to list and manage their inventory too, so you must keep tabs on how well your competition is doing and what they’re offering.

The sales rank report provides a snapshot of how well your products are selling compared to other products in the same category.

Get Insights About Your Customer’s Buying Behavior

The “buyer insights” report lets you see a list of customers who have made purchases on within a specific time frame and the items they’ve bought.

The report helps understand what types of products your customers prefer, so you can focus on stocking similar items in the future.

Create Shipment Plans and Print Packing Slips

You can create shipping plans for each product listing and specify how many items are shipped and their weight, dimensions, and country of origin. The shipping plan then creates a packing slip with all the necessary information for the courier.

Open Your Payment Account So You Can Start Receiving Funds

Amazon Seller Central allows you to create a separate bank account for funds received from customers, which you can then use to pay for things like product production and fulfillment.

As some of the recent changes have made it more feasible to work with Amazon, there are still costs involved—merchants will need to fork out fees for creating listings, storing inventory, order processing, and so on. Still, overall, the pros outweigh the cons.

Why Do You Need Help in Setting Up Amazon Seller Central?

The Amazon marketplace is constantly evolving, so sellers need to be vigilant to keep up. It can be challenging if you’re not familiar with the Amazon Seller Central platform and all that it has to offer.

That’s where an Amazon seller agency can help.

An Amazon seller agency can help you set up your account, configure it for maximum performance, and teach you how to use all of the features available to you.

It can provide valuable insights about your customers so you can make more informed decisions about what products to stock in the future.

By working with an Amazon seller agency, you can focus on what you do best – running your business – and let them take care of the rest.

To sum it up, Amazon seller central is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of features and tools to help business owners manage their inventory, interact with customers, and keep tabs on their marketplace performance.

If you do not know how the system works or find it challenging to keep up with the ever-changing landscape, then working with an Amazon seller agency may be the best option for you.

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