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26 Nov 2022

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WhatsApp Features – What is WhatsApp, what it is for, and how does it work
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WhatsApp Features – What is WhatsApp, what it is for, and how does it work

What is WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp Features that every user should know?

  • The WhatsApp Features is publicly the most prominent and most esteemed messaging app in the world.
  • The service in possession of Facebook recently announced that it now has a decent number of monthly active users, close to1.5 billion.
  • If you are a regular WhatsApp customer, here are five hidden features that you might not know to exist.

Watch YouTube videos from WhatsApp

  • If someone now sends you a funny YouTube video, you will never have to leave the app to watch it again.
  • A recent update allows all the videos from the popular site to be viewed directly from the application.
  • We need to click the play button, and the video will start in a floating window that can then move on the screen.
  • The significant part is that you can watch the clip while having a conversation or communication within the application.
  • You can also Add location-based stickers to your photos and videos.
  • If you want to personalize a photo before sending it, you can now add some unique stickers via WhatsApp.
  • The announced service now allows users to tag a place and the current time on any photo and video; by sending it.
  • We must first open a conversation with someone.
  • Then press the + icon and tap on the image and video library, choose the photo you want to retouch, and then the smiley face at the top of the screen.
  • It will launch the stickers to find the time and location options that can be placed flat on an image.

Send money to friends – Coming soon

  • If you owe money to your friends, WhatsApp has a new simple transfer method without leaving the chat window.
  • The launch comes after a beta version of the new peer-to-peer payment system was tested for around a million WhatsApp users.
  • The messaging app will now roll out the functionality for every user in India, its largest market.
  • WhatsApp started launching a limited service in India, where it currently has more than 200 million users.
  • This news follows Facebook Messenger, which recently announced that it allowed to sent money between friends through the messaging app.

Delete a message, but you need to do it quickly

  • If you’ve submitted something by mistake, don’t forget that you can quickly delete it.
  • To delete the message, tap and hold on to it. Then you will see a pop-up window with quick links saying “Reply, Forward, Copy and Delete.”
  • Pressing the Delete symbol and then selecting ” Delete for All ” will delete the message forever.
  • The feature works for all types of news.

Your stay online can be kept hidden

  • If you don’t want the world to know the last time you were online, there is a straightforward way to prevent WhatsApp from transmitting this personal data.
  • To easily prevent your friends from knowing the last time you were online, you can hide your last visit.
  • Here’s how: go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Last Seen.
  • Just like when you turn off read receipts, hiding your ” last seen ” time will also prevent you from seeing someone else’s.

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Review WhatsApp Features – What is WhatsApp, what it is for, and how does it work.

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