Information Security – What is information security? Definition, principles, and steps

What is Information Security?

  • As we indicated, Information Security encompasses techniques.
  • It measures to control all the data handled within an institution and ensure that it does not leave that system.
  • Mainly these types of systems are based on new technologies.
  • Therefore it will protect the available data in said system and to which only authorized users will have access.
  • On the other hand, no changes can be made to the information unless done by the users who have the corresponding permissions.

Information security must respond to three main qualities:

  1. Review
  2. Valuable
  3. Sensitive
  • On the one hand, it must be critical since it is a fundamental piece for the company.
  • To carry out its operations without assuming too many risks. It must also be valuable since the handle’s data is essential for the future of the business.
  • Finally, it has to be sensitive since the system can use by people who are duly authorized.
  • In addition, it is into account that information security must deal.
  • Risks, analyze them, prevent them and find quick solutions to eliminate them if the case arises.

The goal of information security: features

  • The primary and essential objective of information security is to protect company data.

Three fundamental aspects:

  • Confidentiality, availability, and integrity.
  • Strategies establish where the action policies for each of these cases.
  • It will also be necessary to establish technologies, including security controls.
  • All the processes that will carry out to detect the risks to which the system may expose.

What are these three fundamental aspects?

1. Confidentiality

  • Through it guarantees that the data stored in the system yet to other entities.
  • Individuals who are not authorized to access that information.

2. Availability

  • All the information collected in the system must always be available to authorized users at any time that they need to access it.

3. Integrity

  • For the system to be actual, This guarantees that the information collected is accurate and modify.
  • Unless an authorized user has done so by express order.

Services offered by information security

  • We are already clear that it ensures the proper functioning of company data
  • The transmission of information from some users to others as long as they are authorized.
  • It is also a system that uses different protocols to perform its function correctly.
  • We speak, for example, of cryptography, which uses an encrypted code.
  • Also, Identification to validate the process, and even a logical sequencing.

Steps of sending messages:

  • It is borne in mind that another essential aspect is to know the techniques to prevent risks within information security.
  • Some companies try to avoid them at all costs, others that reduce them to the lowest level.
  • Try to solve the problem or, on the contrary, share the risk.
  • All of this is part of the learning and knowledge that security professionals can obtain by taking the Master in Business Information Security.

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