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04 Oct 2022

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Wattpad – What it is, what it is for, and how it works
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Wattpad – What it is, what it is for, and how it works

Wattpad-What it is

How does Wattpad work?

  • This Wattpad platform works as a site to publish different literary genres.
  • That is gathering a community that values the content and publishing writings voluntarily.
  • Wattpad proposes to future writers to review three essential parts to understand how it works.
  • Firstly creating a story in an original way not using appropriate resources.
  • Secondly building a fan base as the story becomes popular, as well as connecting with other writers to exchange advice.
  • And, Lastly, gain status with the rating (stars).
  • Notably, Wattpad uses its star rating system to name whether a story could become a book with Wattpad Books or a Wattpad Studios movie. Wattpad-What it is

Wattpad Characteristics

  • Wattpad is a platform focused on readers and writers.
  • Therefore, it has several characteristics that benefit this particular audience. Learn what they are below:
  • It is a community where you can find various categories, be they stories, novels, poetry, fiction, mystery, and much more.
  • Wattpad users who are fond of writing can post their reports for free, be commented on and rated by other users.
  • Adolescents characterize the community, so most of their stories are juvenile.
  • Wattpad empowers future influencers with literary talents through its platform by rating and advertising in most-read story chapters.

How to Create a Wattpad account?

  • First, go to the official website of
  • Once in the portal, you must click on ” Register. “
  • You must click on ” Start reading ” or ” Start writing “.
  • Next, you must choose a registration method.
  • It is being able to choose between registering with Facebook, with Google, or with an email.
  • In this case, we have chosen the third option.
  • Next, the registration form will be displayed, here it will be necessary to enter the data corresponding to each box.
  • Also, finally, click on ” Register with an email “
  • In this way, the registration of an account in Wattpad.
  • Remember to keep your password in a safe place to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

How to Log in to Wattpad?

  • After registering on the platform, you must proceed with the Login online within Wattpad.
  • The procedure is straightforward and will only take a few steps, which you will see below:

Steps to Login

  • The first thing to do to log in is to access the official website
  • Then go and press the button ” I nice session with an email “
  • Then enter the data corresponding to “Username or Email” and “Password.”
  • Finally, click on “Login, “and voila, you have successfully accessed the platform.

How to Recover Wattpad password?

  • If for any reason or reason you have forgotten your account password, rest assured, you can quickly recover it. Wattpad-What it is

Steps to recover password

  • First, it is necessary to access the following link to the page of
  • After accessing the  page, a box where it says “Username or email, “in this case, we choose the Username.
  • Then you click on the button ” E S end user. “
  • Next, you will receive an email with a writing button ” Reconfigure my password ” you must click on it.
  • Two boxes will be displayed with ” New password “.
  • ” Confirm new password. “
  • After filling in, click on the button, ” R set password. “
  • Password is the end of the steps to recover your password, and you can log in normally.

How to Download the app Wattpad?

  • Wattpad-What it is
  • If you want to use it more comfortably, you can get the application for mobile devices or PC.
  • which will be very practical if you’re going to read from somewhere other than the computer.
  • Therefore, if you have an Android device, this is the link to use.
  • Instead of iOS devices, this is the link you should use.
  • You can also download it to your Windows computer through this link.
  • After that, you have to click on ” Install ” or ” Get,” and the application will begin to download.
  • After that, accept the different terms and conditions of use, and voila.
  • Also, you will only have to log in to enjoy all the content that Wattpad has for you.

What are the Advantages of use?

  • The Wattpad platform offers many advantages or benefits for its users, regardless of whether they are writers or readers.
  • Therefore, the most important ones will be detailed below:
  • Wattpad allows access by non-users and registered on the platform to read or write for free.
  • The platform makes publishing work easy for an amateur writer who wants to publicize their work.
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  • A Wattpad writer can be aware of the acceptance of published content through the voting system.
  • Other users will hardly plagiarize the user on the platform because copying text is not allowed.

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Review Wattpad – What it is, what it is for, and how it works.

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