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Twitter new feature 2021 – The new Twitter features more connections, more trends, and fewer trolls

What are the latest Twitter new features 2021?

  • Twitter new feature 2021 have several striking changes in recent days: mute conversations, block words, and QR codes to scan profiles.
  • Let’s take a look at these Twitter new feature 2021.

Mute conversations

  • The network will allow a user to stop receiving notifications from a conversation thread.
  • Silent conversations are a mute function, which is not the same as the lock functions.

Block words

  • Through this option, each Twitter user will create their blacklist of words that they consider hurtful.
  • Thus, you can make them not relate to your profile in this way or that they can quote you with them.

Profiles in QR

  • This function allows you to share the QR with your Twitter profile and scan other people’s from the application.
  • Specifically, in iOS users, this option is in settings – QR codes; and Android in the left sidebar, between night mode and the settings section.
  • The following images are of my code and what the profile would look like when scanned. You can also check it to do the test and see how it looks.

Other Twitter features

  • Investigating the QR option, I have discovered other functions in the application.
  • Some I knew, but I had not realized that they were in the app:

My Moments

  • The “Moments” function appeared a year ago as a selection of stories that show the best of what is happening on
  • Twitter, but any user’s option can create moments is very recent.

Twitter highlights

  • In this section, we see the content that Twitter thinks may interest you the most. I like it because it shows it in a very visual way.


  • This section allows you to see trends on Twitter, search for friends on the social network and discover new users based on the people you follow.
  • In conclusion, all the new Twitter functions are creating more links and following the news with minimal noise and without uncomfortable comments that annoy you.
  • These are the five functions in which Twitter works.

Get me out of this conversation

  • A primary function that would allow you to remove yourself from a tweet exchange, similar to Twitter DMs.
  • At this time, there is no alternative to detach yourself from a conversation if a user is mention or tagged directly in an image.
  • However, you can mute the conversation, which has a similar effect.
  • This conversation would provide a more precise separation, which could help free yourself from nasty spam taggers.

Do not allow RT to a tweet

  • Currently, any tweet can be retweeted (replicated).
  • However, some users have complained because they have used their posts and taken them out of context.

The social network will allow you to remove the option to retweet

  • If you can’t retweet or quote someone, it could lead to more direct engagement among users.

Don’t let people mention me without my permission

  • Another measure that Twitter will incorporate for the safety of its users.
  • It would mean that it could prevent you from being added to a tweet thread unless the user approves.
  • This feature will be helpful for users who are harassed or get rid of trolls that only mention your profile to lead you to click on links they share.
  • In addition, the option will avoid blocking users and give you more control over their presence on the platform.

Remove this @mention from this conversation

  • It sounds similar to the first option, but to other people in your tweets.
  • Maybe the person told you that they are no longer interested in being a part of the discussion so that you can save it from future notifications.
  • It is not the first time that Twitter has mentioned the subject.
  • On previous occasions, Alternative would allow you to select specific audiences for your tweets to provide a completely new range of considerations for the communication of its users.

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