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To-do list – The to-do list to organize work & life, Reminders, Tips, and More

What is To-do list?

  • The To-do list (to-do) is probably the simplest and most widely used tool today by those trying to put a little order in their daily activities.
  • It is a list of things to do, usually on the same day or in a short period, and sorts in some way by priorities.
  • To-do list come from the world of time management.
  • At the beginning of the last century, it is to improve the productivity of people whose daily work was perfectly defined.
  • Therefore, they could dedicate themselves to completing the tasks on the list, one after another, without being interrupted.

What are the reasons for To-do list being useful?

We love these lists for several reasons:

  • The main one is its simplicity.
  • A simple sheet where we write down what we need to do and cross out what we already do.
  • Is there anything simpler? In addition, they provide some structure and help reduce the anxiety that chaos produces.
  • They even get us hooked due to the Zeigarnik effect, as we feel great every time we cross an item off the list.
  • But that psychologically, we have a good predisposition to the use of lists does not mean that a simple list of tasks is the best way to be organized.

What to look for in project management software if its free+

Project management software has become a necessity with teams of all sizes and rightfully so. Read on to find out why they are so important to organizations and we’ll share the best free project management software.

Best work management software

As we already mentioned, Best work management software should be a combination of different features related to task, project, and business management.

Tips for creating an effective To-do list

  • However, the main thing about a list of this type is that you can cross out the maximum number of items at the end of the day as completed.
  • To make sure this is the case, keep these eleven tips in mind when making it:

1. Choose a format that is comfortable for you

  • If you no longer have the habit of writing by hand, many apps can help you, in addition to allowing you to access your list anytime, anywhere.
  • Some examples are: Do, TickTick or Trello.

2. Top your list of two important goals you need to accomplish today

  • It ensures that you are not wasting time on trivial or falsely productive tasks, and at the end of the day, you will at least have a good chunk of work done.

3. Start with the easy stuff

  • Before those big goals, include some simple tasks to start your daily journey.
  • Even the dumbest activity, like empty the trash and tidying up some folders, can help us create the day with a sense of productivity.

4. Divide the tasks

  • A classic of organization methods is to divide the most complex projects into small tasks with milestones and short-term goals.
  • It allow us to feel the progress and motivate us to keep going.

5. Stay focused

  • Remember that the tasks on your list have to share three characteristics:
  • They include actual activity, they can complete in an hour or less, and only you can carry them out.
  • If you have more complicated projects on your hands, which may take more time or involve other people, reformulate them in the concrete tasks you can do today.

6. Include as much information as possible

  • In this way, when you go over the list, there will be no excuse for not following it.
  • For example, if the task is to make a call, write the phone number of the person you should contact next to it.

7. Go over the list and assign times for each task

  • If it helps to motivate you, you can even turn the list into an outline with times and places where you should be.

8. Plan the planning

  • One of the most challenging things is to prepare the list every day.
  • So pick a time a day when you can organize your tasks, either first thing in the morning before anyone starts work or last thing before the close of the day.

9. Keep track of tasks done

  • As well as planning what to do, we highly recommend reviewing what you have already done.
  • Cross out all the goals you have met daily and add all the tasks you have completed, no matter how simple.

10. Make a new list every day

  • Don’t let the same tasks get stuck overnight.
  • It is also another way to make sure that we are doing productive things every day and not just putting together a nice wish list.

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