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04 Dec 2022

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Table of Ultimate Gaming – The Ultimate Game Table Guide, Reviews, Tips, and More
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Table of Ultimate Gaming – The Ultimate Game Table Guide, Reviews, Tips, and More

What is Table of Ultimate Gaming?

  • The Table of Ultimate Gaming has arrived with Amazing features, accessories, and expandability make.
  • The Table of Ultimate Gaming allows us to play your games your way.
  • We can create unmatched gaming table systems and accessories, and then deliver them right to your door.


  • The table consists of two 3’x5′ tables combined due to our modular design.
  • The actual play surface of the combined tables here is 6’10” x 5′.
  • The table is our 3’x5′ (3.5 model) coffee table height Table of Ultimate Gaming in natural color.
  • The table is our 3’x5′ standard height in natural color.
  • We have shown with optional decoration packs and full table covers which store inside table and can pull out to become four desks!
  • All Tables of Ultimate Gaming can be ordered here on Kick starter in three heights.
  • Coffee table, standard table, and tall countertop table heights.
  • Above, you can see the Compact 2.4 table in brown stain with optional full top covers inside the table and become two pull-out desks.
  • It is perfect from a smaller living room or recreation space.
  • Below you can see the same Compact 2.4 table in natural color with optional full tops in standard table height.
  • Perfect for a small game room or kitchen space!


  • The Ultimate Gaming Table is a completely modular and expandable system putting you in the driver’s seat.
  • Also, with unmatched features at a price you can afford, this system gives you complete control over your games and events.
  • We design on computers and cut robotically, so every product is perfectly manufacturing.
  • The highest quality materials like durable European birch hardwood construction and water-based paints ensure years of safety and reliability.
  • Also, make these tables and accessories suitable for home use, game stores, gaming events, or game cafes and restaurants.

Different Tables

  • Kick starter table packages start at $499.00 for 2’5″‘x4’ play space compact tables.
  • We also offer 3’5″x5′ and 4’X6′ play space tables.
  • AC power and USB power outlets are in two locations. You can have the correct regional power receptacles for your region.
  • Each of the tables features an adjustable height play surface. Choose a shallow depth play surface of 1.5″ or a deep play surface of 3.5″.
  • Also, you can choose between three table heights: coffee table height, standard height, and countertop height.
  • You can add modular decorations that switch out in an instant.
  • Also, add full table covers which store inside table and become four desks!
  • Many accessories like cup holders, card organizers, campaign screens, and more are at your fingertips with the Table of Ultimate Gaming.
  • Intelligent design and community feedback have created not just a game table but a gaming system that adapts to your needs and style of play.
  • Created from imagination, designing on computers, and finished by hand, the Table of Ultimate Gaming is your gateway to a thousand adventures.

The smaller table a 3’x5′ (play surface), but it is slightly larger. Why is that?

  • We have been looking at the production, engineering, and sustainability (waste) of the Table of Ultimate Gaming during the design process.
  • In a nutshell, to maximize all aspects of the table’s production and usability while minimizing waste, the smaller table (in all heights) is about 5 inches wider and 1 inch shorter.
  • It can come as good news to those who wanted a little more room on your tables. The smaller standard table now has a net gain of 259 sq inches.
  • One of the most exciting aspects of the Table of Ultimate Gaming is the optional modular decoration attached and removed in second yet remains very secure to the table.
  • Four themes are currently available, with more coming in the future!
  • Choose from Castles, Dragons, Celtic Knots, and Skulls in decorations that match your table color perfectly!
  • If you are not looking for unique decoration, know that your primary table ships with traditional wood panels that match the color of your table.

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Review Table of Ultimate Gaming – The Ultimate Game Table Guide, Reviews, Tips, and More.

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