On the Go: 10 Must-Have Car Accessories for Work

Must-Have Car Accessories for Work – Millions of Americans commute to work every day. Unfortunately for them, that commute is getting longer. In 2019, the average commute time set a new record, reaching over 27 minutes one way.

Since Americans are spending longer than ever getting to work, there are a handful of items that have transformed into must-have commute accessories, such as a universal suction cup phone holder, an in-car trash bin, some sweet tunes or compelling audiobooks and other essentials.

If you are looking for ways to make your commute more comfortable and convenient, look no further. Here are 10 must-have car accessories for commuting to work.

1. Sunglasses

If you work in the mornings, you have probably been on the road with the sun blasting directly into your face. Thus, having a pair of sunglasses in the car is critical for a more comfortable ride to work.

While most people already own a pair of sunglasses that they like, it is a good idea to get a pair that you keep in your car, in case you forget yours on the way out the door.

2. A Phone Charger

If you forget to charge your phone before bed and need to leave for work first thing in the morning, there is a possibility that you will be stuck listening to the sounds of wind and traffic – or worse yet, AM radio (shudders) – on the way to work. Thus, keeping a phone charger in your car is a must-have commute item.

For those who have an Apple iPhone 12 or later, you can kill two birds with one stone by purchasing a MagSafe car mount which will allow you to magnetically mount and charge your phone at the same time.

3. A Portable Tire Inflator

Having low air pressure in your tires can be hazardous. However, when that light comes on, you likely won’t have time to stop off and fill them on your way to work.

Fortunately, there are a variety of great mini tire inflators on the market. While some more novel varieties can fit in your pocket, pretty much all of them will easily fit in your trunk.

By having this kind of item on hand, you never need to worry about a potential blowout.

4. A Dash Cam

Given how many hours per week Americans are spending on the road, having a dash cam in your car is only prudent.

By mounting this kind of device in your vehicle, you can provide valuable evidence in case of a car accident or if someone tries to break into your vehicle while you are at the office.

5. A Portable Vacuum Cleaner

When you spend hours commuting to and from work each week, your car is going to get a bit dirty. This can be a little embarrassing if you and your coworkers decide to take your car to get lunch or carpool.

However, by keeping a lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner in the trunk of your car, you can easily keep things spick and span for yourself and any potential passengers.

However, when selecting a car vacuum, be sure to pick one that you can charge up via your vehicle’s outlets.

6. A Vehicle Clothes Bar

If you wear a suit or other kind of dress clothes to the office, sitting in them during your commute or throwing them in the passenger’s seat can cause wrinkles and make them look less presentable.

However, by picking up a car clothes bar, you can easily hang up your shirt, jacket or whatever else and avoid ugly wrinkles and creases.

7. A Vehicle Escape Tool

While none of us like to think about the prospect of getting into a catastrophic accident, it does happen. Thus, if you find yourself in such a situation, it is wise to ensure that you have a vehicle escape tool on hand.

These kinds of tools tend to feature elements like glass breakers, seat belt cutters and other potentially life-saving components.

If you drive to work every day, it only makes sense to keep one of these in your vehicle.

8. A Steering Wheel Cover

Depending on where you live, some days you will get into the car and the steering wheel will be burning hot. Other days, it could be as cold as ice. Neither of these situations are very comfortable.

For these simple reasons, getting a steering wheel cover can make a big difference in the quality of your commute.

9. Tissues

Ever needed to sneeze in the car but didn’t have a tissue?

It’s not pleasant.

However, tissues can also be used for cleaning up minor spills, tucking into a new pair of shoes to prevent blisters while they are getting broken in, cleaning off your laptop screen and a multitude of other uses.

Tissues are a highly compact and useful thing to have for your morning commute.

10. Ibuprofen

While driving to work is one thing, driving to work with a killer headache is a different animal entirely. Thus, keeping a few ibuprofen tablets in your glovebox can be a massive help.

Gearing Up for Your Morning Commute

While commuting to work is a fact of life for millions, it doesn’t need to be an unpleasant experience.

Pick up these 10 must-have items to make your drive to work a little bit safer and nicer.

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