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Money Heist Season 1 Download

Money Heist Season 1 Download series (in Spanish: La casa de Papel, “La casa de Papel”) is a Spanish crime television series directed by Álex Pina.

The series follows two long-staged robberies under the direction of the professor (Álvaro Morte), one at the Royal Spanish Mint and the other at the Bank of Spain.

The narrative is told in real-time and relies on flashbacks, time jumps, hidden character motivations, and an unreliable narrator for complexity. The series undermines the heist genre by narrating it from a woman, Tokio (Úrsula Corberó), and with a solid Spanish identity where emotional dynamics counteract the perfect strategic crime.

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More About Movie

Created by : Álex Pina

Star cast :

  • Úrsula Corberó
  • Alvaro Morte
  • Itziar Ituño
  • Pedro Alonso
  • Paco Tous
  • Alba Flores
  • Miguel Herran
  • Jaime Lorente
  • Esther Acebo
  • Enrique Arce
  • Maria Pedraza

Composer of thematic music : Manel Santisteban

Opening theme : “My Life Is Still Going On” by Cecilia Krull.

Composer : Manel Santisteban and Ivan Martinez Lacámara

Country of origin : Spain

Original language : Spanish

Number of seasons : 2 (4 parts)

Number of episodes : 31 (list of episodes)

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Conception and writing

The series was conceived by play writer Álex Pina and director Jesús Colmenar in 2017 during their long collaboration since long back that is 2009.

After finishing their job on the Spanish prison drama Locked Up (Vis a vis), they left Globomedia to start their own production company called Vancouver.

Also, For their first project, they considered making a comedy or developing a robbery story for television.

However, together with former colleagues at Locked Up [d], they developed Money Heist as an exciting project to try new things without outside interference.

Pina was determined to make it a limited series, as he felt dilution had become a problem for his previous productions. [fifteen]

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The casting took place at the end of 2016 and lasted more than two months. The characters were not fully developed at the starting of this process and took good based on the actors’ outstanding performances.

Also, casting producer Eva Leira and Yolanda Serrano looked for actors to portray empathic thieves with love and credible family ties.

Antena 3 announced the ensemble’s cast in March 2017 and posted excerpts from the most model on the series’ subsequent program, Tercer Grado, and its website.

The professor was conceived as a charismatic but shy villain who knew how to convince the robbers to follow him and instill in the public sympathy for the robbers’ resistance against the powerful banks.

However, developing the role of teacher proved difficult, as the character did not follow archetypal conventions, and the producers were unsure of his level of brilliance.

While the producers found his personality, Salva, from him early on, they were initially looking for a 50-year-old Harvard professor with the appearance of great Spanish actor José Coronado.

The role was proposed to Javier Gutiérrez, but he was already required to star in the film Champions.

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The appearance and atmosphere of the show is been develop by the creator Álex Pina, the director Jesús Colmenar and the cameraman Migue Amoedo. “The most productive television trio in recent years,” according to La Vanguardia. Abdón Alcañiz acted as art director.

His collaborative projects mainly assume a primary color. Money Heist read as “one of the distinguishing features of the series” that stood out above the gray sets. Blue, green, and yellow is mark as prohibits colors in the production design.

To achieve “absolute film quality,” tested shades of red with different types of fabrics, textures, and lighting.

The iconography of the robbers’ red overalls reflected the prison’s yellow dress code in Locked Up.
For Part 3, the Italian clothing company Diesel modified the red overalls to fit the body and released a clothing line inspired by the series.


The headquarters of the National Council for Scientific Research, central filming location for parts 1 and 2 of Money Heist Los Nuevos Ministerios, the primary filming location for Part 3 of Money Heist
Parts 1 and 2 will be shoot one after another in the Madrid area from January to August 2017.

The pilot episode needs 26 days for shooting , while all other episodes needs approximately 14 days of shooting.

Also, the production will be split into two units, with one unit filming scenes with the teacher and the police and the other filming scenes with the robbers.

The main action will take place at the Real Casa de la Moneda de España in Madrid. Still, the exterior scenes should be shoot in the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) headquarters as it will have  temporal resemblance to the Casa de la Moneda and on the deck.

Also, from the Technical School of Aeronautical Engineers, attached to the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
However, the hunting ground is use for robbers planning their couple will be filming at the Finca El Gasco farm in Torrelodones.

Interior shoot is part of the old sets of Lock Up in Colmenar Viejo and the Spanish newspaper ABC in Torrejón de Ardoz to print press scenes since the show is conceiving as a limited series.

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Main article: Money Heist (soundtrack)

The central theme of the series, “My Life Is Going On,” is compose by Manel Santisteban, also the Lock Up composer. Santisteban turn to Spanish singer Cecilia Krull to write and perform the lyrics, which try to be confident in your abilities and the future.

Also, the title song plays behind a title sequence with paper models of basic settings in the series. Krull’s primary source of inspiration was the character of Tokyo in the series’ first episode when the professor offers him a way out of a desperate moment.

The texts are in English as the language that Krull took for granted at the time of writing.

Season 1 Plot : Parts 1

Part 1 starts with the aftermath of a botched bank robbery by a woman named “Tokio” when a man named “Professor” saves her from the police and proposes a drastic robbery.

After a brief recap of the planned robbery, the story jumps to the beginning of a multi-day attack on the Royal Spanish Mint in Madrid.

However, the eight robbers have city code names: Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, and Oslo.

Dressed in a red jumpsuit and a mask by the Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, the group of robbers takes 67 hostages as part of their plan to print and flee through a self-made escape tunnel worth 2.4 billion euros.

The professor directs the robbery from an external location. The flashbacks throughout the series show the five months of preparation in an abandoned hunting ground in the Toledo countryside; thieves must not divulge personal information or enter personal relationships.

Next series to watch

Season 2: Parts 3 and 4 (2019-20)

Part 3 begins two or three years after the theft of the Royal Spanish Mint and shows the robbers enjoying their lives in different places.

But when Europol arrested Rio with a wiretap, the professor took up Berlin’s old plans to attack the Bank of Spain to force Europol to hand over Rio to avoid torturing him.

He and Raquel (from “Lisbon”) reunite the gang, including Monica (from “Stockholm”), and gain three new members: Bogotá, Palermo, and Marsella, with Palermo in charge.

Flashbacks of the professor and Berlin describe the recently planned robbery and their different approaches to love. Camouflaged thieves sneak into the heavily guarded bank, take hostages, and finally gain access to gold and state secrets.

Nairobi is seriously hurt by a police sniper is shooting in the chest, and the police capture Lisbon.

With another police attack on the bank and believing the police had executed Lisbon, Professor Palermo radioed and reported DEFCON 2 to the police.

The third part ends with Lisbon shown alive and in custody, and Tokyo tells that the professor fell into her trap and that “the war had begun.”

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Final Verdict

Money Heist Season 1 Download is an exciting comedy movie among fans, quite demanding thriller film. All fans can easily enjoy it through online movies. Also, we would love to hear from you by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: At Just Tech Blog, we never encourage or endorse illegitimate websites through our platform. Besides, piracy is a criminal offense according to the Indian Copyright Act 1957. Also, our primary purpose with this content is to bring forth informative content to our audience and readers. However, we advise our users to abstain from such expensive acts and keep watching movies in theaters.

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