Information Technology – Definition (IT), Characteristics, Types, Tools, and More

What is Information Technology?

  • Information technology is a procedure using combination of means and methods of data collection, processing, and transmission to obtain new quality info.
  • It is about the state of an object, process, or phenomenon.
  • The purpose of IT is the production of data for analysis by people and decision-making based on it to act.

Information technology (IT)

  • The introduction of a personal computer in information and telecommunications communication media has marked an arising stage in developing IT.
  • Modern IT is an information technology with an “efficient” and “friendly” user interface that uses personal computers and telecommunications facilities.

The latest IT is on the following basic principles:

  • Integration with other software products
  • Interactive (dialogue) method of working with a computer
  • Flexibility in the procedure of data change and task definitions


As a set of different IT tools, many computer programs are using:

  1. Word processors
  2. Publishing systems
  3. Spreadsheets
  4. Database management systems
  5. Electronic calendars
  6. Functional-purpose information systems

Information Technology Characteristics

  • Firstly, User operation in data manipulation mode (is a no programming)
  • However, he user does not know and remembers but can see (output devices) and act (input devices).
  • The transversal information support in all stages of information transmission support by an integrated database.
  • Also, it provides a unique way to enter, search, display, update and protect information.
  • Paperless document processing is during which only the final version of the paper document records, intermediate versions.
  • Also, necessary data is recorded on the media deliveries to the user via the PC display screen.
  • And also, Interactive (dialog) task solving mode with a wide range of user possibilities
  • Collective production of a document depends on a different group of computers linked using communication
  • Also, adaptive processing of the form and different modes of presentation of information in the problem-solving process

Types of Information Technology

The significant types of information technology include the following:

1. Information technology for data processing design is to solve well-structured problems.

  • The solution algorithms of which are well known and for which there is all the necessary input data.
  • This technology applies to the performance level of low-skilled personnel to automate some routine and constantly repeated operations of administrative work.

2. The technology management information intends for the information service of all employees of enterprises related to acceptance of administrative decisions.

  • In this case, the data is usually presented in regular or special management reports and contains information about the company’s past, present, and possible future.

3. The information technology of automated office, we design it to complement the existing communication system of specific company staff.

  • Firstly, the Office automation assumes the organization and support of communication processes.
  • However,  within the company and with the external environment based on computer networks.
  • And also, other modern means of transferring and working with information.

4. Information technology for decision support design is to develop a management decision resulting from an iterative process.

  • Firstly, we involve a decision support system (a computer link and the object of management).
  • Secondly, a person (the management link, who sets input data and evaluates the result).

5. The information technology of expert systems is on the use of artificial intelligence.

  • Expert systems allow managers to receive expert advice on any problem that knowledge has accumulated in these systems. Also find more helpful resources at technologyify

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