General Ledger Templates: How They Are Used In Bookkeeping

General Ledger Templates: How They Are Used In Bookkeeping? – A company’s financial transactions are kept in a file called the general ledger. To keep track of all the transactions in the file, the general ledger uses a predefined template. The template may differ slightly depending on the accounting software package. However, the fields listed below are typically included.

Account Number

An account’s primary identifier is its account number. Two digits for a reference number, another two digits for a departmental code inside a corporation, & 3 more numbers for a specific asset or liability, equity, income, or expense item within a department are only some of the conceivable accounts number combinations.


To make a debit entry, get a debit in the debits area.


Entering credit information completed in the credit field.

Number of the Transaction

As part of every transaction, try a unique transaction number, which may additionally include an identifier for the sort of activity while logging. There may be “JE” before the journal entry number, whereas the cash receipt number submitted into the system may have “CR” before it.


The debit and credit totals as of the general ledger date are coming in a total revenues row at the bottom of every account’s detail. To the side of some other general ledger fields, there would also be a computed running total, which states the account balance as of every transaction.

Expenditure Reports

Budget data can usually be entered into the majority of general ledgers. If the financial statements are prepared using a budget versus a real format, this information can be kept in a separate file.

General Ledger Templates for Free

Having the ability to view the larger picture is useful in almost every aspect of one’s life. However, when it comes to businesses, you must take a comprehensive approach. General Ledgers can come in handy in this situation. You can use a general ledger to keep track of all of your company’s finances. From the beginning of your business to the present, it includes all of your transactions.

FreshBooks has already created a general ledger template to guide you in creating the perfect statement. So, customizable templates like this one allow users to see the wider picture.

Using the free account ledger template, you can quickly build your own master sheet.

Why do you need a general ledger template?

Standardizing your records of financial processes starts with creating a general ledger template. So, when you use a template, you’re giving your company a pre-structured document to work with. Keeping track of all your financial transactions is a breeze, thanks to this app.

Additionally, creating a general ledger template has the following benefits:

Application for a loan:

In order to verify your creditworthiness, a lender may request copies of your tax returns or bank statements. The general ledger makes it simple for the lender to locate all of the necessary data.

Keeping track of the books you’ve read:

With the help of general ledgers, you can get your books in order. However, using a trial balance, you may determine when all of the credit & debit dollar amounts remain equal across all of the general ledger accounts.

Preparation for an audit:

A general ledger is a repository for all of your company’s financial documents. If the Internal Investigation Service examines your company, they will be easy to find and review because of this.

Detection of fraudulent activities:

A general ledger makes it simple to check for fraud and other problems because all of your data keep in one location.

Messages of general interest:

You can easily share your financial data with others using general ledgers. Customers and investors are examples of external stakeholders who you can share this information with internally.

General ledgers are useful for many firms because they allow them to keep track of their finances across many accounts.


General ledger systems may not be necessary for small firms with only one employee and very few accounts to track. But most organizations with more than one employee, an inventory, or several accounts use this system to keep track of their financial information.

It’s possible to customize an existing template or design a new one to match your company’s specific demands, even if you plan to use an electronic ledger system.

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