10 Cool Gadgets Every Student Needs

Cool Gadgets Every Student Needs – Gone are the days when gadgets were considered irrelevant for students. With the technology getting advanced with each passing day, gadgets are a must for everyone, even students. Student life is all about striking balance and sometimes reading endless textbooks, writing numerous essays, and staying updated for several things around the globe can be tricky. Therefore, anything that makes one’s student life easier is a blessing for him. Below is a list of a fine array of devices that every student needs to complement his studies. So, whether you are already going to college or heading there soon, the top 10 cool gadgets are listed below-

Portable Smartphone Charger

Portable chargers are not just the need of the students but for everyone. There are times when you are running late for college or your battery died because you were doing something on your phone. That is when the portable chargers come to the rescue. The battery does not last all day anyway. Therefore, it is good to keep a charger with you all the time and you can bring your smartphone back to life in a few minutes.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Sometimes the laptop’s keyboard is not enough especially when you are working on something important. Those all-nighters are worthless if you don’t have something with you that makes it a little easier. If you have a wireless keyboard, you can connect it with your tablet too and make it perform like a computer. Anyway, it is always easier to use a Bluetooth keyboard rather than using a regular one.

Noise-canceling headphones

Headphones are a must for every student. They do not only help you to keep the noise from reaching you but you can listen to whatever you want anytime. Even if you have a roommate who sometimes doesn’t realize you live in that room too, the headphones will help you to study, read, or even rest. They are even good when you are traveling and have nothing to do; you can watch a movie or listen to music on the go. Shop At Shopee & Get electronic products & accessories at best market price, just make sure to use the discount code.

Bluetooth Speaker

Going to college does not only means that you have to study all the time, but you can have fun too. So, a Bluetooth speaker will be helpful when you don’t feel like putting on the headphones and want to listen to something. Or when your whole gang is watching a movie, a speaker will save the day. Also, if you are taking online lectures, a speaker can be really helpful.

Fitness band

Let us admit that student life does not give you a lot of time to carry out other things. You won’t find the appropriate time to exercise or to do any other type of physical activity. So, a fitness tracker is a must for every student. It tracks the number of steps you take every day, monitors your heart rate, and even informs you when something is wrong. If you get the time to work out, you can set the mode for cycling, running, swimming, and more.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite might seem useless for most students but it is a great device for reading digital books. It does not make your eyes tired; you can read for as long as you want, and even if there is no light in the room you don’t have to stop studying. It is also great for reading novels and other books if you are a bookworm.


Phones and tablets are all good but laptops have their charm. First of all, they help you maintain the right posture. When you have a tablet or a phone in hand, you do not sit straight even while you are studying. Secondly, it is easier to study over a laptop as it does not strain your eyes like any other device. And, lastly, it is more convenient as compared to the other devices. So, if you are a student, you should always have a laptop with you.

Portable pen tablet

When you need to draw some sorts of graphics, digital art, or just type in some symbols the portable pen tablet is a must-have device. It is convenient to carry, hand-drawn images, and whatnot. You can connect the device with your computer or laptop and draw on it. It is useful for people who are into Photoshop. Even if you are a maths student, you can use this for writing different formulas and symbols that are quite difficult to write with a keyboard.

Portable printers

Sure, there are printing shops at every corner but sometimes when you are running late with a deadline, visiting a shop is difficult. Even if you have printers in your library, with everyone going to the same place, it is impossible to keep standing in the queues for long hours. So, to avoid chaos students must have a portable printer for their convenience. This will help you to go through the deadlines easily.

Power bank for router

As soon as the power goes, the Wi-Fi disconnects and it is very annoying especially when you are doing something important. Therefore, one must have a power backup for the router as well. This will help you in times when there is a complete blackout and you still have to make it to the submission or study for an exam for the next day.

Several other gadgets can help students to study without any disturbance. For starters, the 10 cool gadgets all students need are listed above on this list. Make sure you own them all before you start college and that will make your life as a student a lot easier.

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