5 Most Important Features that Every Business Website Should Have

Most Important Features that Every Business Website Should Have – It’s no secret that a large part of the population is online. And as a healthcare business, having a well-designed chiropractic website is essential in the online world. A potential patient looking for chiropractic services within your locality would first need to find your website, and then be interested enough to stay, browse and follow your business – eventually leading to an in-person visit to your facility.

In order to get customers to your website, we’ve listed 5 essential chiropractic SEO and other tips to help optimize your website and get you the patients you deserve.

1. Mobile Friendly Design

According to a recent study, 85% of technology users are smartphone owners. Which means, a large number of website visitors will mostly likely be viewing your website through their small screens.

If your website isn’t optimized to be viewed through mobile phones, it will look disorganized, causing glitches in layout and buttons that no longer work. This will drive mobile users to other mobile-optimized chiropractic websites, costing you a whole lot of business opportunities.

2. Clear Call to Action

When a potential client visits your website, it is in your best interest to be clear on what services your practice has to offer them and how or what they should do in order for them to access those services such as appointment schedulers, chat, call, email, and so on.

Your calls to action should be clearly visible within a few seconds of visiting your website and it helps to also dangle a carrot to encourage them to take action. Also include phrases that state what you want your visitors to do, like “schedule an appointment now and get 5% off” to get patients signing up for a consultation.

3. Social Proof

Healthcare is an extremely personal decision and more than anything, patients want to go to a professional they can trust. Apart from stating the extensive knowledge you have had in your ears of practice, high quality photos of your facility, and awards or seals of approval, being able to show a more human connection really helps.

Link up your social media accounts, or photos of happy customers – better yet, allow your patients to sing their praises for you with client reviews. This not only allows customers to feel like their opinion really matters, but it also shows your confidence in the quality of service that you are giving to each and every one of your patients.

4. Useful Content

Having a blog and creating free contact is crucial for a business to increase visibility of your brand and website as it drives traffic to your website and builds a sense of dependability to your prospective clients. Self-help videos on common problems that patients can do or useful articles that give insight on ailments make them trust your practice or even recommend your site to other potential patients in their network.

Quality content with tags and keywords on your website also allows you to show up in search queries more often when any potential patient looks for any chiropractic related information.

5. Collect Emails

Having a mailing list is a great way to stay connected to your potential clients and keep them engaged. Keeping them in the loop with useful content found in your website, new services you offer, or special discounts and exclusive sales sent directly to their email increases the chance for them from being potential clients to actual paying customers.

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