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Dr. Karlov – Know More About The New Character Dr. Karlov In Haunting Of Verdansk

Who is Dr Karlov in warzone? Verdansk’s Urban Horror Story Explained

  • Dr. Karlov often tested his findings on those who sadly wandered near his shelter.
  • As players delve into their first Halloween experience inside Warzone and Modern Warfare, SAW and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre appear in The Haunting of Verdansk.
  • This limited event begins today, October 20, and runs until November 3.
  • The Halloween-themed event can offer us a variety of incentives for all players.
  • The ‘Trick or Treat’ reward system will have quest boxes scattered throughout Verdansk containing charms, sprays, or even blueprints.
  • There is still a discount plan for players who take the time to find all 16 rewards in Verdansk.


  • Modern Warfare and Warzone launch their Halloween event, Haunting of Verdansk.
  • Bringing true terror to Verdansk with cosmetic packs from Saw, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Dr. Karlov comes with electric bullets.
  • The haunting of Verdansk has come to terrorize us all.
  • Warzone and Modern Warfare will dress up for Halloween from today until November 3 with temporary modes, packs of horror skins and cosmetics, and even weapon models inspired by this celebration.
  • We have the SAW and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as store headlines among the available packages.
  • But we must not forget the Dr. Karlov pack, which comes with electric bullets.
  • Yes, you read that correctly, electric bullets, that although they will not serve any purpose in the game (that is, they are pure ornamentation), they will give a very cool Frankenstein touch.
  • The pack will cost 2400 CoD Points and features ten items, including unique weapon models, a Dr. Karlov skin, and a vehicle camouflage.

All the content of the Dr. Karlov Live pack

  • Legendary skin of Dr. Karlov
  • Legendary Weapon Blueprint: Resonant
  • MP7 Legendary Weapon Blueprint: Efflux
  • Legendary Knife: Thyristor
  • Legendary Capacitor Vehicle Skin
  • Epic Tesla Amulet
  • Spray “Out of Mind”
  • Epic Business Card “Alternating Current”
  • The Epic emblem “Wardenclyffe”
  • Epic Spray “Power Surge”

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