What is the Best Place for Masters in Cyber Security?

What is the Best Place for Masters in Cyber Security? – Indian companies, whether big or small, are always looking for well trained and skilled cyber security specialists. Hiring such professionals will secure their infrastructure and keep it safe from hostile intrusions. While there are abundant vacancies in the cyber security space, well-skilled and properly trained experts are still scarce. This is primarily because very few students join reliable and properly-structured courses.

However, don’t worry since any of the following courses will put you right on track to becoming a highly employable subject matter expert in cyber security. While there are countless online resources to build up the basic foundation, only a few institutes offer worthwhile pg in cyber security in India.  Let’s take a look at some of the best cyber security courses for pursuing your masters:

1. PG Diploma/ in cyber security – Reva university

Reva university’s REVA academy for corporate excellence (RACE) Offers a wide variety of specialized programs in emerging technologies. These courses are customized to suit the needs of working professionals as they will introduce you to the latest tools, techniques and skill sets, which are in tandem with the requirements of the industry.

2. Postgraduate diploma in cyber security – Amity online

UGC recognized and NAAC accredited Amity university is one of the leading universities of India. Its initiative “Tomorrow” is targeted to offer niche programs for helping students in improving their skill set. This is one of the most well-recognized postgraduate courses in cyber security in India, and it has a duration of 11 months. On achieving this diploma, you will gain advanced holistic knowledge on infrastructure security, creating intelligence to detect threats, understanding all the aspects of information security, executing cybersecurity-related operations, and building cloud-based security. You will also learn about other essential technologies such as the interdependence of blockchain, IoT, machine learning and cyber security. One of the best aspects of this course is that it offers an abundant practical experience through projects and assignments to ensure that you become a cyber-security expert by receiving the diploma.

3. PGP in cyber security – Praxis business school

This nine-month-long program will help you in building industry-standard skills.It is targeted towards the three essential pillars of cyber security, namely processes, technology, and people, and emphasizes compliance and governance.The students of this course get abundant hands-on experience and the opportunity to work under the guidance of senior cyber security experts. Once you complete the course successfully, you will also be offered additional certification opportunities from CISCO and BSI. They also provide you a chance to appear for interviews in some of the best companies.

4. Post-graduation program in cyber security – IIDT

International institute of digital technologies, or IIDT, is a part of the Andhra Pradesh electronics and IT agency (APEITA). They offer a one-year full-time postgraduate program delivered by Gujarat Forensic Sciences University as recommended by the government of Andhra Pradesh. The students of this course get an opportunity to work in real-life scenarios and study countless use cases. Additionally, you will have to work on projects under highly revered global mentors. These projects prepare you for any challenge that you might face as a cyber-security professional hence by completing this course, your employability increases exponentially.

5. Stanford’s advanced cybersecurity program – Great Learning

This is one of the best online courses created by the Stanford faculty and various experts of cybersecurity. It has more than 50 hours of educational content and the curriculum covers the fundamentals, vulnerabilities of web applications, SQL injection, cryptography, network security, new threats and a lot more. Additionally you will get to study countless real world examples and use cases of security breaches and understand various countermeasures. There are multiple quizzes and hands on exercises to really consolidate your understanding of the subject.

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