Best Netflix Shows – Best Netflix Series and Shows to Watch Right Now

What are the Best Netflix Shows?

Best Netflix Shows of this year of confinement, profound changes in the industry, and many free times, Netflix has remained our particular ‘happy place.’

1. For Thirteen Reasons (Season 4)

  • What it’s about: Bryce’s death has marked everyone with force, but the students and teachers of Liberty.
  • They are preparing for the long-awaited graduation, which will not be without problems and painful goodbyes.
  • Verdict: This series should have put an end to it a long time ago, but it did not do so until this fourth and final season.
  • And the result is simply a teenage drama that has lost its reason for being.

2. Valeria (season 1)

  • What it’s about: Based on the novels by Elísabet Benavent, the character that gives the series its name is a writer in crisis.
  • Both in her books and in the distant relationship she maintains with her husband.
  • The writer will take refuge in her three best friends (Carmen, Nerea, and Lola) to find herself in a whirlwind of sensations such as love, jealousy, infidelity, secrets, or dreams for the future.
  • Verdict: This series does not end up being the ‘Sex in New York’ in the Spanish style that it seems to promise us.
  • It has failed to convince either the fans of the novel or Netflix users, but perhaps the second season can make us change our minds.

3. White Lines (Season 1)

  • What it’s about: It focuses on the mystery of the disappearance in Ibiza of a legendary British DJ.
  • Years later, his body appears, and his sister will go to the island to investigate what happened.
  • There she will be introduced to the disco atmosphere, full of luxury, lies, and appearances, which will force her to face the darker side of her personality.
  • Verdict: The creator of ‘La casa de Papel, Álex Pina, fails to turn this series (co-produced between Spain and the United Kingdom) into a success.
  • The cast seems somewhat out of place, the story becomes more absurd as it progresses, and towards the end of the season.
  • It’s hard not to have lost all interest in the plot’s mysteries.

4. Emily in Paris (Season 1)

  • What it’s about: Emily (Lily Collins) is an ambitious young American who, moved from Chicago to Paris.
  • Will begin a new life experience in which, in addition to a complicated culture shock, she will live a passionate love story.
  • Verdict: The creator of ‘Sex and the City’ tried to show us what life would be like for a millennial version of Carrie if she had stayed in Paris and worked in marketing.
  • But the result is an amalgamation of clichés (especially harsh ones in the French play), with a slight American savior complex and little substance to save it.
  • We will not deny that, yes, it has pretty charming moments.

5. Hollywood (Miniseries)

  • What’s it about Ryan Murphy throws us into classic 1940s Hollywood in a story about racism, homophobia.
  • And the double standards of the movie world.

What if the era of studies had been different?

Verdict: This miniseries has divided critics between those who think it is a beautiful reinvention of Hollywood with a message of diversity.

Those who see in it a story told in fits and starts and with very little to say.

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6. Space Force (Season 1)

  • What it’s about: General Mark R. Laird, a decorated pilot who dreams of running the Air Force.
  • Finds himself involved in a series of tangles when assigned to the so-called Space Force.
  • Skeptical but dedicated, Mark moves with his wife Maggie and their family to Colorado.
  • Verdict: All our faith is always in Greg Daniels, creator of iconic series like ‘The Office’ and also of the remarkable ‘Upload’ of Amazon Prime Video, and in this Netflix series, he has won us halfway.
  • It’s impossible not to play the game of comedy totems like Steve Carell or Lisa Kudrow.
  • At the same time, you can’t seem to decide between being a parody, a farce, or a classic sitcom.

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