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What is BB Technology?

  • The BB Technology and Services (BBTS), formerly Cobra Technology, is an Information technology company in Brazil currently belonging to the conglomerate Banco does Brazil.
  • In the 1950s, the desire to develop a national computer arose in Brazil, along the industry lines that emerged abroad.
  • In 1961, students from the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA) created the first computer project in Portugal called “Zezinho.”
  • Other universities are beginning to develop their projects: Unicamp, with support from the Navy, launches the “White Swan Project.”


  • At the University of São Paulo (USP), “Pato Feio” is developed.
  • The name is a small joke because if the priority of the Military Government was the White Swan, the USP project was the ugly duckling in history.
  • The fact is that Pato Feio is ready beforehand, with the size of a refrigerator and the memory of an electronic calendar.
  • At the same time, the Navy buys six English frigates.
  • The weapon systems of these modern warships were all computer-controlled.
  • Mastering technology has become a matter of national security.
  • The Navy then hired the creators of Pato Feio to develop a new computer called G10.

The foundation

  • On July 18, 1974, Cobra – Computadores e Sistemas Brasileiros was born in Rio de Janeiro to develop genuinely national technology.
  • The first computer factory would be the result of the union of the Navy.
  • However, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), and the English factory Ferranti.
  • The Company’s team was initially forming by professionals who came from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ).
  • USP (Pato Feio), and the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro) (RJ).
  • The justification for creating Cobra is for both the strategic reason of providing Brazil with technological and economic dominance, due to the real need of the domestic market.
  • At first, the Company reproduced a Ferranti computer here.
  • With the knowledge acquired, it was possible to develop new plates, change components and create new manufacturing models.

Major technology companies worldwide

  • BB Tecnologia e Serviços (BBTS) announced, in Brasília (DF), two new partnerships with major technology companies worldwide:
  • SUSE
  • VMware
  • The collaboration aims to strengthen its offer in the most diverse models for contracting software licensing.
  • It is enabling the resale of technological solutions with efficiency and security for organizations, providing corporate technological evolution to customers.
  • The companies, which will support BBTS in specialized resale, have experience in different areas.
  • SUSE has been in the open-source market for 28 years
    its solutions rated by Gartner as “excellent in storage efficiency, security, interoperability, management, performance, and resilience.”
  • With this partnership, BBTS hopes to drive the digital transformation of its customers.
  • It is offering cloud and native open source solutions, seeking efficiency, and accelerating process flow.

Powerful Document Management Technology

Powerful Document Management Technology is a cloud-based automated solution for creating, organizing, sharing, and securing business documents and files.

BB Technology Challenges

  • The partnership with VMware focuses on solving the challenges of BBTS customers through innovative technologies.
  • Such as edge computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, Kubernetes, among others.
  • VMware is a technology company that serves more than 500 thousand customers globally, supported by an ecosystem of 75 thousand partners.
  • Also, It proposes simplifying the transition for organizations that seek to transform themselves digitally and offer better experiences to their customers.
  • The American multinational was named a leader in the Gartner 2020.
  • However, Magic Quadrant of WAN Edge Infrastructure for the third consecutive year and leader of the Gartner 2018 quadrant in Hyperconverged Infrastructure.
  • Also according to the BBTS specialist resale manager, Gustavo Lelis, The partner companies have proven experience.
  • And also wide network of connections financial stability and the ability to constantly improve their products leveraging the value proposition with customers.
  • Other major technology companies also operate in partnership with BBTS, among which the following stand out Oracle, Cisco, Qlik, and Red Hat.
  • The reseller service aims to meet customers’ needs with specialized and high-performance solutions.
  • It is one of the best state-owned technology to expand its portfolio of digital solutions offered to the corporate market.

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