Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – Definition, AI Pillars, Examples, Applications, and More

What is Artificial Intelligence? How Does AI Work?

  • Artificial Intelligence gained relevance in this era of technology in which computing and digitization are growing exponentially.


  • Artificial Intelligence is similar to the human intelligence of machines. The Artificial Intelligence course provides in-depth knowledge and skills required to work with it.
  • In other words, it is the discipline that tries to create systems capable of learning and reasoning like a human being, learn from experience.
  • Find out how to solve problems under given conditions, contrast information, and carry out logical tasks.
  • The fact that a system has humanoid hardware and acts physically is a field belonging to robotics.
  • It is far from the concept of Artificial Intelligence, which focuses on emulating the way of thinking and reasoning of humans.
  • It is to note that if a system could learn and think like a human, it would have notable advantages over it, thanks to its speed and calculation capacity.


  • Artificial Intelligence is a creative concept.
  • For example, in the seventeenth century, the philosopher Descartes already theorized about the possibility of intelligent automata.
  • Of course, it was not until the middle of the twentieth century when the issue began to gain results.
  • A few of the AI challenges are by Alan Turing in 1950, which consisted of the following test: “A system is intelligent enough if it manages to pass itself off as human when asked by a judge.”
  • Curiously, this test is still a great challenge today.
  • Years later, the renowned computer scientist John McCarthy coined the term “Artificial Intelligence” at the famous Dartmouth Conference in 1956.
  • However, what seemed like the rise of a branch of technological research ended in speculation and isolated projects for decades, among other reasons.
  • It turned out to be a field in which no one dared to invest money seriously.


Artificial intelligence is t find in every corner of the new technology world.

1. Devices in the house

  • Home automation is one of the “common” fields in Artificial Intelligence, where the users can enjoy it for a long time.

2. Spam filter used

  • It is not one of the most impressive AI.
  • Still, companies like Google or Microsoft apply many algorithms in constant evolution intending to detect fraudulent and SPAM-type emails.

3. Personalized Advertisement

  • AI systems use search engines and social networks that analyze all the information available to the user.
  • Also, to show them ads with which they will probably interact.

4. Expert agents

  • They are usually systems highly trained in a specific intellectual activity, based on experts in the field.
  • However, a classic example is that of systems that play chess.

5. Chatbots

  • Systems that make exciting use of NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Improve with each experience; enable consistent two-way communication with humans, whether oral or written.

6. Video game

  • Perhaps one of the most obvious, but it has always been one of the primary sources of improvement in AI.
  • Also, in this eternal quest to make “the machine” act coherently and realistically.
  • And, in a game, be it an enemy soldier or a racing car. Also find more helpful resources at thedigitaltrendz

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